Are You Ripe for a Revival?

Revival is a necessity in everyone's life

How Will a Revival Come?

When you hear of a revival, you may think that it is a time when God is angry with you! It is not so, Yes a rebuke is what God will take you through if you need one. He rebukes those whom he loves! A revival is more of fine-tuning your relationship with God. If there is anything that you think is not right in your walk with God, it is better that you ask Him rather than concentrating on acquiring heaps and heaps of knowledge that you will not be able to comprehend. I once had a lot of sources of knowledge that I thought would help me understand what was going on in my life at the time. It did not help me to concentrate on finding out how evil the enemy is. All I needed was to concentrate on God and find out why I was passing through difficult times. I was told by the Lord to destroy all the books that I had gathered and did so. Some sources of knowledge are cursed and cannot help a person who is genuinely seeking God. If you have knowledge from a cursed source, it will not be the way you will reach God. God cannot build on what the enemy has started and the enemy will also not build on what God has started. If you try to build from what the enemy has started, you will fail. It is like trying to patch an old garment with a new piece of cloth.

When Will a Revival Come

What are the things that you are expecting in the Lord? I am expecting the Lord to communicate with me continuously for a lifetime. If you are a pastor and you have communicated with the Lord occasionally, then you are in need of a revival. A revival is what I had to go through to break the barrier of hopelessness. When does a person require a revival? It is usually a time when you are in need of the Lord. If you are able to do everything on your own, you probably do not need a revival. A revival will exponentially expose the works of the enemy in your life. When the enemy is in control of your life, he will make it seem like you are in control; he is subtle and will always make sure you are unaware of his presence. The enemy will always distract a person who is desirous of walking with the Lord. Why? It is because he does not want a candidate for a revival to be given knowledge about the kingdom of darkness. My own experience is that the enemy can be subdued. It may take some time but it will eventually happen if you are walking with the Lord.

Why You Need a Revival

When I was in training by the Lord, I asked myself: how can a man spend a full day in the Lord’s presence? I was amazed when I heard the Lord tell me; “I have a lot of work for you to do that you know not of”. I have been in the Lord’s presence every day since that day. If you are asking that same question, it is time for you to enter into the Lord’s peace. People who aspire to work and become great men but fail often do not understand why they are oppressed by the enemy. His role is to steal, kill and to destroy. If you are a person who is like me, then you will need the Lord to guide you on a path of peace. I have been to many churches, seeking a way of reaching God to communicate through what I considered were men of God. Little did I know that one day the Lord would speak to me directly. If you have been seeking the Lord diligently, now is the time to go and find out how to stay in the Lord’s presence.

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