The Prophet of Israel

I have written about my own experiences in God. I have also started to write a book about Moses, a prophet who was commissioned by God to go and bring Israel out of Egypt. Moses has inspired many people to call upon God's name in a time of trouble. If you are under a certain type of oppression and are trying to mitigate the consequences of that oppression, know that you are under a curse that you need knowledge about from the Lord. A curse is not a matter that can be handled on your own or at your timing. If a person is desirous of being free from a curse, he needs the Lord. If Moses had tried to get out of His own oppression without the Lord, he would have failed. If you are under a curse and are trying to overcome it on your own, start concentrating on how to hear the Lord speak about the situation that you are in.

Moses was a prophet who also was a teacher, writer, elder, administrator, and bishop. He was able to lead Israel out of Egypt and oppress the pharaoh until he released God's people from captivity. When you read this book, you will learn about how Moses at one time hoped that he would be able to free Israel from oppression using his wisdom. Servitude is not a phenomenon that is of man's design. When people are under oppression, they are all under a curse which is as a result of the sin of their forefathers. If a person asks: how did Israel sin against God for them to be in servitude for four hundred years?! I have written and endeavored to explain this state of affairs in my book. I will post some of the excerpts on my blog.