How a Bishop is Supposed to Expose an Agent of the Enemy

Hagar was sent away with Ishmael to let Isaac inherit Abraham’s wealth

Who is an Agent of the Enemy?

An agent of the enemy is a person who has been hurt by the world and has turned to the enemy for a solution to the pain. How is an agent of the enemy able to be used by the enemy? If he is a person who does not trust the Lord, he is susceptible to being deceived by the enemy. Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant, was mocking Sarah because while her womb was open, Sarah’s womb was still closed by the Lord. Hagar was exposed by God as an agent. God told Abraham to send her and Ismael away. By Abraham bearing a son with Hagar, It was the enemy’s way of opposing God’s will. He is always interested in people who are able to turn to him when they think that God has delayed in fulfilling His promises. Abraham was told by God to send away Hagar because she was used by the enemy to corrupt God’s bloodline. Hagar was an agent of the enemy who was exposed by God in Abraham’s household. If Abraham had not sent Hagar away, he would not have Isaac as his heir. Isaac was God’s choice for the nation of Israel.

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A bishop is supposed to expose an agent in God’s will. If a bishop exposes an agent outside God’s will, he has sinned against God. If an agent is exposed outside God’s will, he may be destroyed by the consequences of that exposure, and may not be able to repent. If an agent is exposed in God’s will, he may be able to repent and be restored unto the Lord. How is an agent able to be restored unto the Lord? If an agent is exposed inside God’s will, he will not be able to stay in a place where he has been exposed. If an agent is exposed and stays in the place where he was exposed, that is not God’s will; that agent will not be restored unto the Lord. Why? Because that agent has not been isolated from the brethren. If he is not isolated, he will not repent in ashes.

Why An Agent Should Face Shame When Exposed

Abraham ensured that he separates Hagar from his household. A bishop who is in God’s will is going to ensure that he isolates an agent from where he has been operating. If he does not isolate an agent, he is going to destroy that agent. A bishop has to expose an agent in a way that will ensure that the agent is not able to stay among the brethren. It involves embarrassment and shame. If an agent is exposed quietly, he will not be able to repent in ashes! If a bishop thinks that by exposing an agent quietly, he will avoid shame, he should know that by the Father embarrassing such a person, he will learn how to avoid the opportunities which the enemy may offer him. When that agent repents, it is the Father who will cause that agent to reconcile with the brethren. If a bishop tries to reconcile an agent to the brethren, he will make an already bad situation worse; the agent will not have fully healed. If an agent has been exposed and fails to repent, he is cut off from the Lord for eternity.

Isaac was blessed by God as his father Abraham was

Why Agents of the Enemy Should Trust God

When a person who has been an agent repents, it is an opportunity for him to start on a journey of love with the Lord. A person who has been an agent is not able to stand on his own. If he is left alone, he will be enticed by the enemy to sin. If he falls, he will not trust the Lord again for his entire lifetime. Why? Because he will be hardened by the enemy not to trust the Lord. If Abraham had not sent Hagar away, the Lord would not have blessed Ishmael with wealth as much as He blessed Isaac. Ishmael is still blessed to this day with wealth as a promise that God made to Hagar.

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