How Fallen Angels are Luring People to Hell every day

Cloves are not only species but are fallen Angels that rebelled with Lucifer and were cast down to earth

Why You Should Know How Fallen Angels Operate

A fallen angel is a son God that rebelled with Lucifer and was cast down to the earth. Others are in hell. The ones that are in hell were condemned to hell when they tried to kill the prophets of God on earth. They are going to be cast to go to the lake of fire earlier than the fallen angels on earth or in the heavens above. I have written a book titled: "Prophetic Encounters in God: Heaven is Not Far". I have explained in detail why fallen angels are in the heavens above, on earth, and in hell. In this article, I will concentrate on how they lure people to hell every day!

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There are some fallen angels that are still on earth like cloves. If cloves decided to mock a prophet who is in God's presence, it would become condemned to go to hell. It would also need to lure another prophet on earth with wealth or knowledge to be able to steal a birthright from for it to come back to earth. In other words, all these fallen angels that are in hell were once on earth before they became extinct.
A cursed spirit like cocaine was once extinct and was only brought back to earth by a prophet who was lured to lose his birthright to it. There are people who know all the benefits of a crop like cocaine to people, they receive these revelations directly from cocaine. They are the ones that keep such a fallen angel on earth because of their disobedience to God. What then do these fallen angels gain by striving to stay on earth? If coffee becomes extinct on earth, it will be taken to the lake of fire earlier. While on earth, it is able to lure many people to drink it on a daily basis so that it can have more time on earth since it is already condemned. Its destiny is the lake of fire! If people stop growing it on earth, it will immediately be thrown into the lake of fire! Does it imply that a fallen angel like coffee is no longer grown in hell? If coffee is no longer grown in hell, it will have less time to stay on earth because there are people who are on earth that use coffee to contact the dead on a daily basis. In some cultures, coffee is used to make blood covenants with the dead. If cocaine becomes extinct on earth, it will not be able to be used by the people on earth to contact the dead who are in the world below the waters. When people use cocaine en masse like in this age, it is able to have even more time away from the lake of fire!

Why You Should Know How People Contact Fallen Angels

There are other fallen angels that are not condemned to the world below the waters; they are the ones some people use to contact the dead that are up above in the heavens; in paradise. They are called spices. Every spice that you have ever heard of is a fallen angel. They were once in heaven in the Fathers abode until Lucifer rebelled with them. They include cloves, rosemary, cayenne, nutmeg, basil, coriander, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, star anise, and cumin among others. These plants are used by people to contact the dead called ancestors who are in paradise for spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. These ancestors are also called evil spirits. Is it Godly to use spices? There is no problem with using spices as condiments in your food if you give thanks to the Lord for the food you eat. The Lord, however, forbids the use of these spices to communicate with the dead in paradise.

People who go and pray to the sea are contacting the dead that are below the waters. God forbids this sin. A person who practices this form of necromancy acquires a curse from God.

Why Everyone Who Contacts the Dead is Cursed!

There are people who ask: where did the cursed spirits that were not angels come from? There are cursed spirits that are classified as aerial spirits that are in the heavens above. These spirits are always in between earth and heaven above. An aerial spirit is a cursed spirit that has territorial boundaries in the airs above. They are contacted by mediums on behalf of people who seek the dead. When a person contacts the dead, these spirits are going to contact the dead in paradise on his behalf. They are able to contact the dead in paradise using technology that is not yet available on earth. Have you ever known that even spirits use technology? They are the ones that are in charge of all the technological advancements that are on the earth now.

Everyone who has contacted the dead to acquire wealth, knowledge, understanding or prophecy has sinned against the Lord and has acquired a curse of being deaf and dumb in God's presence. If a person acquired knowledge that brought him wealth from the dead, that knowledge is cursed even though it may be of much benefit to the world. Such people are not only losing their time on earth to fallen angels but are also on their way to hell en masse.

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