How I Am Living Under God’s Anointing

David lived his life under the anointing of God

What is God's Anointing For?

After a person has been under God’s training for His service, he will be given more responsibility and tools to enable him to serve God. When I was called to be a prophet, I thought that I would always have to be sent to cursed places that God had issued judgment upon. I did not know that one day I would be called a bishop by God. A bishop is a person who has spent a lengthy period of time in God’s presence and has been tested and anointed by God to administer His will in the church. What does a bishop administer in a church? He is supposed to instruct the church and its leaders on God’s will. He is not supposed to be a pastor in the church. A pastor is a minister of God who is supposed to gather the flock for God to encourage, nurture, build, teach and heal. If a bishop has to pastor a church, he should not do it for long. He will be led by God to groom a pastor to shepherd the flock. If a pastor becomes a bishop, he too will be led by God to groom a pastor for that church. If a pastor is not able to become a bishop, he cannot decide to become a bishop on his own. It is an office that is from God. Anyone who calls himself a bishop without God’s anointing has blasphemed God. God is the Bishop. If you ask: How does a person become a bishop? It is not a calling but a responsibility that God gives to a person who has spent a lengthy period of time in God’s presence. He will always be tested by God to prepare him for administrative authority among God’s people. How is a bishop supposed to administer in the church? He is the overall leader in a church. If a bishop has decided on a matter, it is usually what God’s will on that matter is. When a bishop has spoken on a matter, God will approve of what a bishop has spoken in a church. What if a bishop is wrong on a matter that he has decided upon in a church? If a bishop is wrong on a matter that he has decided upon in a church, it is still God’s will for that matter to be pursued as the bishop decided. If the bishop was wrong, it means God wanted to use that situation to teach that church and its leaders about a particular issue they may be going through or face in the future. If a bishop has decided upon a matter and a church and its leaders are determined to ignore what a bishop has decided upon, that church is not in God’s will.

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A bishop has authority over a pastor, an apostle, and an evangelist in the body of Christ. He may have authority over a prophet in a church if that prophet is still in training with the Lord. A bishop will usually call on a prophet if he has been in God’s presence for a lengthy period of time. How will a bishop understand if a prophet has spent a lengthy period of time in God’s presence? If a bishop has been in training with the Lord, he has undergone the same tests that a prophet who has spent a lengthy period of time in God’s presence has gone through.

How Cunning is The Enemy?

Eve was tricked by the enemy to partake of the fruit of the tree of
the knowledge of good and evil

When I hear of prophets who are always sending people to prophetic schools to learn how to become prophets, I wonder how they are going to test these prophets so that they can eventually do God’s will? If a prophet could be trained by a man, I would not have been a prophet who has been made a bishop by God. A prophet has to face trials that are always difficult to pass through. When I was attacked in an abandoned house, I knew why! Had it been that I had not accepted God’s call to be a prophet, I would never have been attacked! It is a call of the highest responsibility in the kingdom of God. There is no man who can desire to become a prophet if God has not willed so. There are people who even advertise to aspiring prophets to go and undergo prophetic ministry training. If people understand how God works, they will not be trapped by the cunningness of the enemy. When a person desires to prophesy in a church or a congregation, there is no problem if he is being led by the Holy Spirit. If a person desires to enter into the office of the Prophet, he needs a calling from God Almighty and not a man. A prophet cannot be called by a pastor, an apostle or an evangelist. They are all below a prophet in the church’s administration. If a pastor calls a person to be a prophet, that person will not be able to hear God speak! If a prophet is not able to hear God speak, he was never meant to be a prophet!

Who Can Prophesy?

Anyone in the church can prophesy under the anointing of the Holy Spirit

When a pastor desires to prophesy, he may ask the Holy Spirit for the Spirit of prophecy for the edification of the church. It does not mean that when a pastor prophesies, he is a prophet. A pastor can prophesy under the anointing of the Holy Spirit but still not be a prophet. When I hear of pastors who have become prophets, I wonder who has called them to ministry?! If a pastor decides to become a prophet, he will be required by God to abandon his church and go into isolation with the Lord. Any minister who has been called to be a prophet cannot know the trials God has designed for Him at the time He calls Him.

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