How to Know You Need a Revival

A revival is a time when a person realizes that he / she needs God and is ready to cooperate with Him to start a new relationship with Him

What You Need To Know About Ungodly Entanglements

If you have been in a situation where you have compromised with the enemy and have been entangled in sin, it is best to go and start learning how to attract a revival in your life. If you have never heard about a revival, I have written about how you can attract a revival in your life and have detailed what you need to do for a revival to begin in your life. Sometimes people who are entangled as agents of the enemy will act as though they are repentant only to mitigate the shame which may come as a result of confession of sin. When such a person repents, the enemy will have no more power over him. If he does not repent, he will still lose everything that he has built with the enemy. Such a person cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. His life is entangled with a cursed spirit called Lucifer. If you are in such a scenario, you are attempting to patch a piece of new cloth on an old garment. In that situation, the Lord will not listen to any other prayer apart from a prayer of repentance. This is the situation most people are going through if they are not receiving answers for their prayers.

Why the Enemy Will Entangle People Who Have Concealed Sin

I was unknowingly in a church that was full of agents until the Lord told me to leave that church. I wondered: “why is the Lord asking me to leave a church which is full of people who are loving”? A place that has people who are practicing falsehood is a haven for agents of the enemy. How is the enemy able to control a whole church? The pastor of such a church will himself have a sin which he has concealed from the Lord for such a church to be infiltrated by the enemy. How does a minister conceal sin from the Lord who is all-knowing? Such sin always involves restitution. If the price of restitution is high, the Lord will ask the minister to confess to the people who have been hurt by his actions. When such a church is in the hands of the enemy, there are other agents who join as a result of the laxity of the church in doing the Lord’s will. Are there people who are unknowingly agents of the enemy? Yes; there are people that are being used by the enemy without their knowledge. These people are usually in the world and in the Lord at the same time.

Who is a Candidate for an Ungodly Entanglement?

People who are both in the world and in God's presence are always in a bad situation because they are neither hot nor cold. The Lord calls such people harlots; when they are in the world, the world recognizes them as their own and when they are in the Lord, He also recognizes them as belonging to Him. A harlot is already a good candidate to qualify as an agent for the enemy either knowingly or unknowingly. When a harlot is enticed, they will most often not be able to resist the enemy’s advances; they will usually get entangled. Most people who become agents are not able to disengage themselves from their involvement with the enemy. If a person asks: how will the enemy trap me? That person is asking without wisdom. The enemy is always interested in such people because they are the ones who have prior knowledge of who the Lord is. This type of person is the one that will find difficulty in carrying out restitution later.

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