Who Are The Dead?

Witchcraft is one of the many ways people contact the dead

How do People Contact the Dead?

A person who is involved in any form of necromancy is in direct contact with the dead. Such a person is cursed above all other types of people who sin against the Lord. If you thought that a murderer is the worst sinner, think again; yes he has greatly sinned against the Lord but he has not contacted the dead. Dead people are the ones who contact their own. Any person who contacts the dead is going to share in the curse which the dead are under. What curse are the dead under? They are cursed to be deaf and dumb to the Lord. They are in a place where they cannot receive from anything God. The Lord communicates with them through signs and occurrences. If you have been wondering: why are people interested in the signs which are in the heavens and the sky above? Know that it is the way the Lord communicates with the dead. Why do people worship the dead? They worship the dead for riches and knowledge. If you have been involved in any form of worship of the dead, know that you have been tricked to lose time. The enemy will usually not tell you what he needs from you in return for what you have received from him. If you went to the dead for riches, you will lose some of your time on earth to them. How are the dead classified? The dead are categorized as the dead that in the heavens above, the dead on the earth and the dead in the world under the waters.

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Where are the Dead who are in the Heavens?

The dead who are in the heavens above are called ancestors or evil spirits. When they were on earth, they did the Lord’s will but did not fully obey the Lord’s commands. They did not make it to heaven to be with the Lord and the Lord has kept them in a heaven that is not His abode. When people ask: how can there be a heaven which is not the Lord’s abode? They should know that even the earth was once a heaven and the Lord once lived on earth. If there is a curse upon a place, it can no longer contain the holiness of God; such a place is cursed for eternity. It is the reason why there are numerous heavens in God's design. How do the dead who are in the heavens affect our lives today? They are at the apex of the spiritual ladder. If you are being tormented in your soul, you are most probably being vexed by ancestors or evil spirits. Some people know them as familiar spirits. These spirits are the leaders in the kingdom of darkness, they are not able to break the law that you and I know. How do cursed spirits abide by the law? They are extremely legalistic and oppressive to people who are cursed to have no peace. If you are cursed to have debt, they will ensure that loans are availed to burden you with torment in your finances thereafter.

When an ancestor is in charge of a place, he is called a principality. It is the one whose name you call your localities. If you live in the United Kingdom, the principality in that land is called Britannica. He was once a pre-adamic man who walked with God but did not fully obey Him. He is as legalistic as the judges who are on earth.

Where are the Dead who are on Earth?

The dead who are on earth are the ones you know as Demons or unclean spirits. If you have ever been in a deliverance service, may have heard them speak. They are always in places that are extremely quiet or depressed. You will most likely find them in sanatoriums, graveyards, forests, and deserts. If they in noisy places, they become agitated and start manifesting. If your church is found of loud music, these cursed spirits will most probably start speaking out who they are. when you ask, why do they speak? they are supposed to mention who they are as part of their agreements in the spiritual realm. when demons are in a person, they will act their personalities in that person. if a person is unusually dirty, he may have a demon in his body. If a person is unusually humble, it may be that he has a demon called calm.

Where are the Dead who are in Hell?

Hell is a place where people who outrightly rejected God are

There is another classification of the dead in hell. Everyone who thinks that hell only has burning fire will be surprised to learn that there is a world bigger and more technologically advanced than earth in hell. There is also a place in hell where there is burning fire. This place has people who outrightly rejected God. It is a place of torment and hopelessness. If a person is in a commitment of stepping out of his body to go and witness what happens in hell, he will acquire the curse of the people who are in hell. What curse are the people who are in hell under? They are cursed to stay away from God for eternity. They cannot have as many opportunities as you and I on earth. I have written about what these people experiencing in my book: "Prophetic Encounters in God: Heaven Is Not Far", which I have written in God's presence. I will in another article explain why they are in a place of hopelessness.

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