Who is a Bishop in the Office of the Bishop?

By rejecting Potiphar's wife, Joseph was jailed but passed the set of tests that God designed that he passes through. He later became the Governor of the whole of Egypt.

Why a person Should Grow into a Bishop

When a person has been in the Lord’s will for long, he will not be able to stay in the same position in his life. The Lord is always promoting a person who is doing his will! If that person was a child, he will be made into a son and later into a mature adult in the Lord. A mature adult in the Lord is called a son of God. When a son of God has found God, he is promoted by God to become a man of God. A man of God is able to become a bishop. When a bishop is promoted by God, he will become a bishop who is in the office of the Bishop.

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How a Bishop Can Enter The Office of The Bishop

The office of the bishop is God’s own office. If a person is a bishop who is in the office of the Bishop, he has found God. A bishop who is not in the office of the bishop is not able to find peace in a place until God blesses it. If he is in a place that has not been blessed by God, it will remain cursed until he pays the price to become a bishop who is in the office of the bishop. What price does a bishop who is not in the office of the Bishop have to pay to become a bishop who is in the office of the Bishop? He has to stay in God’s presence for a lengthy period of time. He also has to abide in obedience to God. If he has not been able to abide in obedience to God, that person can never be a bishop. A bishop is not a person who is carnal. If a person is caught up in worldliness, he is not a bishop. Can the enemy deceive a person to think that he is a bishop? Yes, the enemy is always deceiving some leaders that they are bishops. If a bishop has a title, he is already deceived by the enemy. God is not going to tell a bishop to call himself bishop so and so. A person who has given himself the title of bishop is blasphemous and needs to repent unto the Lord. If you find a person that is an archbishop, that person is cursed and needs to give his life to the Lord. If an archbishop had knowledge of what it means to be an archbishop, he would never desire to hold such a title or office. An archbishop is a bishop who is in the office of Lucifer. He is the archbishop! Had it been that a person who has titled himself as bishop was in God’s will, he would not be cursed. If a person titles himself bishop, he has caused a curse of lack upon himself. He will lack the Lord’s voice until he repents.

Why a Bishop Has to be Tested by God

God tested Abraham with sets of tests including sacrificing his son Isaac

Why a Bishop does Not Need to Struggle to Live

A bishop has to go through tests that are designed by God for him to be able to become a bishop who is in the office of the Bishop. When a person passes these tests, he will be blessed by God to live as though he were in heaven. If a person fails the tests which God has designed for him, he will be encouraged by God to try again. Most of the time, a person may not know that God is testing him. These tests are never the same and vary according to the amount of knowledge which God has blessed a person with. If you have been blessed with much knowledge, the tests which God will give to you will be different from a person who has been blessed with much more knowledge. When a bishop has stayed in the office of the Bishop for long, God will bless him with abundance of wealth. Abundance of wealth is what every bishop will receive when they have fully stayed in God's presence for the time that God has set for each person to complete a set of trials. I had to go through sets of trials for me to enter into the Office of the Bishop. I wrote about a time when I was mocked as a 'mad man'. I did not react outside God's will. He told me to wait! I have waited for over two and a half years to prosecute the people who were mocking me at the time God was testing me. I am going to proceed with prosecution until all the people who were involved in mocking me have lost all their wealth to me.

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