Why a Bishop Should Live in Obedience to God

A bishop is a person who has been tested by God for His service and has been given a birthright from God. He is not a person who has been trained by man in religion and given ceremonial robes to wear!

Why a Bishop Should Not Lose His Birthright

A bishop is a person who has been tested by God and has passed the tests that God has designed for him for a birthright from God. A bishop has a birthright that has the gifts of wealth, leadership and wisdom packaged in it. If a bishop loses his birthright, he will no longer be a bishop! How can a bishop lose his birthright? If he is not living in obedience to God, he will be tricked by the enemy to lose his birthright. If a bishop falls into sin, he will lose his ability to stay in the presence of God. What is the presence of God? It is a place where God is in constant communication with a person. If a bishop is living in obedience to God, God will grow his gifts for him. If he has a gift of prophecy, his gift will be grown and be anointed by God. A gift that has been anointed by God will cause the person whose gift has been anointed to do things that he cannot ordinarily do with his own might and understanding. If God has anointed your gifts, he will anoint everything you own and everything you are! A person who has been anointed by God will extend his anointing to every place he goes! He is what a bishop is.

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Why a Bishop Will Always Expose People Who are of the Enemy!

A person who has been ordained a bishop by God is able to expose the works of the enemy in every place he goes. If he is in a place where there are cursed people, the cursed spirits that are in those people will start manifesting. How do people who have cursed spirits react in the presence of a bishop? They will start displaying the traits of the cursed spirits that are resident either in their bodies or their souls. If a person who has cursed spirits is in a place where a bishop is, he will start concentrating on the character of the cursed spirit in him. For instance, if a person has a demon of falsehood, he will become disgusted if he hears about what God can do in the life of another person. He will think he knows who God is but will rather manifest a cursed spirit that is causing him to become agitated. I wrote an article titled: "Where is Hell?" A man who is an atheist commented and wanted to know where I get the ideas I am writing about from? He is cannot understand anything about God if he of the atheist! Atheists believe that God is non-existent. To me, I find it meaningless to go and try to argue with a person who does not know who God is. Such a person wants to understand things concerning God with his mind. God is Spirit, He is not able to be understood by a carnal person. A carnal man can only understand things that are of the soul. Spiritual things will seem like foolishness to him!

Abraham was a bishop who was tested and passed the tests that God
designed for Him. One of the tests he underwent to prove his love
for God was when he was told to sacrifice Isaac, his son, to God

Why a Bishop does Not Need to Struggle to Live

The birthright that a bishop has is as coveted by the enemy as the birthright of a prophet. A bishop is a person who has the ability to directly commune with the Father. When a person has this birthright, he does not need to strive to live. A person who has been able to acknowledge this birthright will live out of the abundance of the Father’s wealth. If a bishop decides to earn a living, he will lose his birthright. A bishop will always stay in a place that is blessed and live out of the abundance of the Father’s love. If he is in the city, he will find a blessed place in the city to stay; if he is in the country, he will as well find a blessed place there to stay. If he loses this birthright, he will not be able to have it restored because of the amount of knowledge that the Lord has invested in growing the gifts that are in his birthright. A person who has a birthright of a bishop will always be a wealthy person, he need not work to live. It is this birthright that Adam lost in the garden of Eden. It can only be restored through the Lord and is the reason why He is the only one who can give a person the ability to live out of His abundance!

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