Why a Person In God’s Will Needs To Understand The Concept of Patience

The gap between man and God can only be bridged by Jesus

Why A Person In God's Will Needs To Be Patient

When a person is in God's will, he may experience hurt, pain and delayed response from God. Why would God take long to respond to a prayer or petition of a person in His will? When a person is in God's will, it does not mean that there will not be trials and tribulation. What it means is that the trials and tribulations are intended to create an opportunity for him to draw closer to God. How can a person draw closer to God? When a person starts searching for a way of understanding how to find God, he will be able to start on his journey of finding God. How are we able to find God? A person who has been concentrating on finding God will eventually find Him if he is seeking with all of his heart, strength and soul. God will not be found without Jesus! It means that when a person sets out to find God, he must first find the Lord! Who is the Lord? He is the One who died for us to be able to touch God. If Jesus had not died on the cross for mankind, it means that we would not be able to commune with God!

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Why a Person In God's Will Needs To Distance Himself From The World

When a person has found God, he has found what it takes to start on a journey of discovering what God wants him to do for Him. God will not accept a person who has found Him to become distracted by the world and what it has to offer. The world and all that is in it is able to distract a person who has found God away from His will. What is the world? It is a system where the Lord is acknowledged but His redemption, salvation for mankind and authority are neglected! When a person is full of the world, the love of God cannot be in him. A worldly person is someone who will try to understand Godly truths using his mind! Is it wrong for a person to try and understand God from the realm of the soul? For such a person I will say that oil and water cannot mix, the water will create a layer above the oil if placed in the same container. Likewise what is of the Spirit cannot mix with what is of the world.

Why A Person In God's Will Needs To Conform To Godly Desires

When a person is in God's will, he will have to stop certain desires like going to the theatre

When a person in God's will has understood the importance of patience and distancing himself from the world, he is in a position to start on his journey on conforming to God's desires. God has desires! His desires are different from the desires that we may pick up from the world. If a person was lustful, that desire will flee from his entire being. If he was hateful, he will learn how to start loving, if he was callous, he will become sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. If he was without direction in his life, God will give him a new direction in life. It is such a person that God can speak to without delay! He has been able to overcome the barriers that hold a person seeking God's voice from communing with Him. God desires that we commune with him on a continuous basis. If you cannot commune with God on a continuous basis, it means you may not be able to experience the fullness of God.

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