Why a Person Who Is Ripe for a Revival Needs the Lord

A Revival is supposed to take place inside God's will

Why You Need the Lord for a Revival

When a person acquires knowledge concerning his need for a revival, he may then call on the name of the Lord and He will show him how to start on that journey. When a person who has heard the Lord’s voice on starting such a journey rejects the Lord, he will start on a journey of hopelessness! People who reject the Lord are usually the ones who need Him the most. When I was in a church which had people who were practising falsehood, they were the holiest people that I have ever encountered. They were being taught how to practise the law. It is a curse for a person to come before the Lord on the basis of his holiness; even the enemy usually requires holiness! A person who has been practising falsehood will usually find it difficult to stay in the Lord’s presence. Why? It is because they have been convicted by the Holy Spirit and yet have found a way of explaining that conviction away. They are always entertaining a cursed spirit called a holy spirit rather than the Holy Spirit. When such a person is told by the Holy Spirit to repent, they will rather try to become holier. I have been to another church where there were people who were identified as agents. These people were exposed by the Holy Spirit as the church service was in session. Some people who are in such a situation are expected to repent immediately but they find themselves leaving such a congregation for fear of being exposed further. If you have been exposed as someone who is an agent, repent in ashes and sackcloth so that it does not become worse for you on the last day.

Why a Revival Can Only Take Place in The Lord's Will

There are people who were in the service of the enemy but later committed themselves to the Lord but did not do His will fully. They became lax in doing the Lord’s will and were enticed by the enemy along the way. When a person realizes that they were once in his service, they will never want anyone to know what they did at the time they compromised with the enemy. When a person compromises, he usually presumes that the Lord will not expose him and will soon get used to the current state of affairs. The Lord is exposing people who are in the service of the enemy so that they may find salvation. How does the Lord expose agents? If a person is in the service of the enemy, the Lord will first convict that person through the Holy Spirit who is in him. When that person heeds to the correction of the Holy Spirit, he will be guided by the Holy Spirit on the path of repentance. If he decides to go through repentance on his own, he may fall into other traps of the enemy and later reject repentance altogether. When a person follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit, repentance becomes easier. The enemy cannot offer a solution better than repentance to a repentant person.

Why Repentance is a Must for a Revival

A person who is in the service of the enemy is usually frightened by the fact that people will know what he did in the past and reject him. When a person has been rejected because he confessed a sin, the people who have rejected him are the ones that are foolish. Such a person will eventually become an overcomer by the power of the Holy Ghost. Why does the Lord expose people who are in the service of the enemy in public? A person who is exposed in public is the one who has been called to be a minister of God. It is because such a person will learn to walk in the light. When that person learns how to have a life of openness, he will avoid the traps of the enemy. A person whose life is secretive will often fall into the traps of the enemy. When a person starts understanding how the enemy works, he will start operating without secrets. Can a person keep some secrets? Yes; it is what people do. A person who has secrets has to trust the Lord with his secrets. How? When you ask the Lord to keep a secret, the Lord will enable you to live with that secret. A righteous person is the one to whom the Lord will reveal a person’s secret. King Solomon says in Proverbs 3:32; “For the froward is an abomination to the LORD: but his secret is with the righteous”. A person may ask the Lord to keep his secrets in heaven. In that case, the Lord will keep that person’s secrets with a righteous man. A person who has never asked the Lord to keep his secrets in heaven is a ripe candidate for the entrapment of the enemy. A person who conceals sin will be attacked by the enemy when temptation draws nigh.

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