Why a Prophet Attracts Cursed People

A prophet usually attracts people who are callous in his environment

Why Being A Prophet Is Not Popular

When I was called by God to be a prophet, I did not know why I had been chosen for that office. I was still in situation where I needed money to run a home, feed my family and plan for their future! God sometimes requires us to lay down our lives for Him. Nonetheless, a prophet is never accepted in his home! I went from marching in an office to marching in the office of the Prophet. When the Lord told me about the office of the Prophet, I imagined it was a place of bliss! In fact I was excited not knowing what the outcome of being a prophet is to the people who are in the midst of a prophet. If the Lord lets me know of any prophet in the making, I usually want to pray for him so that his journey may be lighter than mine. When I heard the Lord speak to me about Job, I requested not to read about his journey. I did not want to hear what he went through at that particular time. I was in a place of fright! The people around me had already started thinking I am cursed! Everyone whom I knew was distancing themselves from me. I was deeply engrossed in following the Lord's commands and could not be distracted.

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Why God Will Allow A Prophet To Curse

When I was able to speak what the Lord had been telling me in secret, I was immediately taken for a mad man! In fact a doctor called Anne Katahoire prescribed to my wife a mental disorder called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) even if I have never met her in person! I later sued her in court for the pain she caused me and my family when the press published it. She is the type of person that a prophet will curse when he has been mocked. When I heard God tell me about curses, I said "I would never curse a person as long as I am alive". I did not know that one of the tools that a prophet who is in the office of the Prophet has at his disposal is the ability to curse! A curse is a negative word from a person in authority to a person who has sinned either against God or man. If a woman is married, she can easily acquire a curse from her husband if he is in a position of authority n the marriage. There are, however, some women who are in authority in their marriages rather than their husbands! For such a woman, her husband cannot curse her. It is her who may be able to curse her husband! It is a perversion of spiritual authority and God's intended purpose for man. That however, is a topic for another day!

When a woman is in authority, she does not have the ability to curse if she has received the authority from the Lord. When I was in the office of the Prophet, I witnessed a range of misfortunes that were intended to give me opportunities to find God. When a prophet has found God, he is no longer in the office of the Prophet, he is made into a son of God. A son of God is a person who has abided in doing the Lord's will and has been able to overcome the enemy. When a son of God is a prophet, he has the ability to curse a person who mocks him whether he is in the office of the Prophet or not. One thing that people should understand is that a prophet is usually in a position to attract fools! Look at the life of David, he was mocked by his wife Michal who later failed to have a child because of her mockery! He was later mocked by a man called Nadab who died because of his mockery! I have often heard people say that the New Covenant or Testament of the Bible does not have an allowance for cursing because Jesus is love! For such people, I would teach them never to read the scriptures with a carnal mind! Much as God is love, He curses on a continuous basis! Much of what is happening in the world today is as a result of curses! They only way for a person to embrace God's love is to do His will. There is no other way!

Why A Curse From A Prophet Is Always Aggressive


A group of youth were mauled by a pair of bears when they mocked the prophet Elisha for being bald

When people hear of a curse, they imagine God is not involved in such a matter. They truth is that God is fully involved in curses! The enemy cannot do anything without the authority of God. There was a time when I thought that I could pray to rid myself of curses. When I was in the office of the Prophet, I did not know that even I could curse until the Lord instructed me to curse specific people for their own sin towards God. If you have been thinking that it is God who speaks out a curse, you need to understand that it is through man that God curses people! Look at the example of the prophet Balaam in the scriptures! God ensured that He prevented Balaam from cursing the Israelites in the desert to the extent that his ass spoke to him like a man! Is that the God whom people say cannot curse? He is the same, He changeth not! If Balaam had been able to curse the Israelites, they would not have been able to progress! When Joshua cursed the city of Jericho, it was a curse from the Lord. Indeed someone lived the curse upon Jericho at the cost of the lives of his sons just as Joshua pronounced!

Curses are usually picked up by forces of darkness so that they can be rewarded by God if the curse is from God. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, it dried the next morning. He did not send angels to dry it! It was forces from the kingdom of darkness that dried it to receive a reward from God. What type of reward do these forces receive from God? They are rewarded with more time before hell. It is such forces that are extremely aggressive in implementing a curse from God.

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