Why Evil Spirits Will Not Vex a Person Who is Living in Obedience to God

A person who goes to a mausoleum has gone to worship the dead. He will acquire a curse of being deaf and dumb in God's presence. He may think that it is a tourist attraction. It is a trick from the enemy to trap as many people as possible

How an Evil Spirit Will React in the Presence of a Person Who is Living in the Presence of God

An evil spirit is a cursed spirit that is in paradise and that is also called an ancestor or a familiar spirit. A person who is being vexed by an evil spirit is someone who has not been living in obedience to God. If you are being vexed by ancestors, you have to ask the Holy Spirit why ancestors are vexing you. If a person commits himself to God, ancestors will usually not be able to vex him easily. How do ancestors vex a person? These are evil spirits that are at the apex of the spiritual ladder in the kingdom of darkness. When a person has curses, these ancestors are able to command other cursed spirits in the spiritual ladder to give that person no peace. When an evil spirit is in a person's environment, it will start exposing its traits if it is agitated. Why does an evil spirit become agitated? If there is a person in its environment that has the Spirit of God in him, that evil spirit will expose its traits. What are the traits of evil spirits? They have diverse kinds of traits. They are beings just like human beings. A person can have different characteristics. He may be humble whereas another person may be aggressive. If a person is being vexed by an evil spirit that is aggressive, that person will appear to be rude when that evil spirit vexing him is agitated. If a person is being vexed by an evil spirit that appears to be reserved, he will act as though he is depressed when the evil spirit vexing him is agitated. If an evil spirit is in an environment where there is a person who is living in the presence of God, it will become hyper. It means that if a person being vexed by an evil spirit is rude, he will become extremely uncivil. If he is humble, he may become deeply sanctimonious among other traits that evil spirits exhibit.

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Why an Evil Spirit Cannot Kill Anyone Living in God's Presence

An evil spirit is not supposed to kill a person who is living in the presence of God. If an evil spirit kills a person who is living in the presence of God, it will be condemned instantly by the Lord. They have the power to kill people who have been cursed by the Lord. An evil spirit is not able to go to heaven unless it has been an effective evil spirit. What does it need to do to become an effective evil spirit? It needed to have been giving according to the Lord’s will while on earth for it to be an effective evil spirit. How is a person able to give according to the Lord’s will? Any giving that is not rooted in love is not effective giving! A person who has acquired this knowledge may decide to give much so that he may become an effective evil spirit after death and make it to heaven. Such a person may be shocked when he realizes that his giving was in vain! Such giving that is in vain includes all the giving that is done in public. If you have been giving and advertising your giving to the public, you have already received your reward on earth. The other type of giving that is in vain is giving while expecting a reward in return for your giving. People who are involved in this type of giving are all destined for hell. Their own part is neither in heaven nor in paradise.

A house which has been a scene of crime will always have evil spirits hanging around it and will vex anyone who is in that environment if he is not living in obedience to God

Why Evil Spirits are Among the Dead

An evil spirit is not a living spirit. It cannot communicate directly with God. If it fails to be an effective evil spirit, its destiny is hell. Hell is not a place that is all handsome, there are pits in hell that are burning with people already. These places are inaccessible by the people on earth and in hell. The people who go there are the ones that were condemned even while they were still on earth. This world is under the waters. They look at us on earth as being in the heavens just as we look at the spirits in paradise as being in the heavens! When a person is in hell, he is usually not able to communicate with any other person who is on the earth. They are called the dead by the Lord and by the people who are on earth. If a person contacts the dead who are in hell, that person acquires a curse from the Lord and is destined for hell unless they repent. Is there any hope for the people who are in hell? There is no hope for the people who are in hell apart from the people that were supposed to be prophets while on earth. They are the ones who have the Lord’s birthright. They are always given chances to make it to heaven as a result of their birthright. If a person is a prophet, it does not mean that he should become lax in doing the Lord’s will. If a prophet is lax in doing the Lord's will, he will die despite the birthright that he may possess.


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