Why the Enemy Can Accuse You Before the Father

A home is a gift from God that the enemy may steal if a person is not living in obedience to God

What the Enemy Covets from You

A person living in obedience to God is a child of God and will be told when the enemy is scheming to steal from him. What does the enemy covet from a person who is living in obedience to God? He covets the birthright that he lost when Jesus died on the cross. A person who is not living in obedience to God is vulnerable to being tricked by the enemy so that he can steal his birthright. A birthright is a set of gifts that God has given to anyone who has been redeemed by the Lord. Every gift that a person receives after accepting Jesus as his Lord and personal saviour is part of his birthright that the enemy covets. How is the enemy able to trick a person into losing his gifts? He is always interested in tricking you by giving to trap you. He can give knowledge, riches, health, fame and all that you may lack materially. If you are a person who is found of pursuing free things, you are highly susceptible to being trapped by the enemy and having your gifts stolen by him. How does he steal gifts through his giving? If you have received anything from the enemy, he has a right to take away what you have not given to God. If you have a God-given gift like wisdom, he will take it in return for any other gift or solution that you seek from him. I have written an article on how to give your gifts back to God so that the enemy may not use them to glorify himself titled: "Why You Should Give Your All to God". If a person gives everything he owns to God, He will keep the enemy at bay.

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Why You Should Have Knowledge About How the Enemy Can Steal from You

A person who is fond of attending functions where the dead are honoured should know that the enemy uses such functions to steal gifts from people. In such functions, there is always food that is served. When such food is eaten, the gods are worshipped and honoured. If you have to attend such a function, avoid eating the food or do not attend. If you say, I will attend such a function, pray for the food and eat it! You are lacking in knowledge, if God does not permit you to attend a function where the dead are honoured and you decide to, you have acted against His will. Even if you pray for the food, you will lose your gifts to the enemy. Why? Because if the Lord has warned you prior, not to attend such a function and you decide to go ahead, you have acted in disobedience to the Lord. If you did not have knowledge about the cunningness of the enemy to steal your gifts and are able to pray for what you eat at such a function, you will also lose your gifts to the enemy; why? Because it is not a requirement for the enemy to steal only from people who have knowledge. He steals from all, however, he covets more from the people who have knowledge because they cannot have their gifts easily restored if they lose it to him. What exactly does the enemy use the stolen gifts for? He uses these gifts that are from blessed people to bless himself. How? The birthright that was stolen from Adam is what the enemy uses to this day to go before the Father to accuse the people who do not have Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour. For a person who is born again, the enemy cannot accuse you before the Father, he does not have that right anymore. It was restored by the Lord on the cross. If the enemy can no longer accuse a born again person before the Father, why then is Jesus interceding for the people who have come to God through Him day and night? If a person is knowledgeable about why the Lord intercedes, he will understand that there are people who come to Him with curses and yet are desirous of finding God. If the Lord does not intercede for such people, they will not be able to find God or be able to do His will.

The birthright that the enemy stole from Adam was restored by Jesus on the cross

How to Know Which Gifts You Have Lost to The Enemy

When a person asks: how can I know if the enemy is accusing me before the Father? If you have lost your gifts to him, you are accountable to God for the gifts that He gave to you. How will you know if you have lost gifts to the enemy? If you have been unable to get married, have children or grandchildren, have peace, good health, provisions, and a home, know that you have lost these gifts to the enemy. He is using them for his glory. If you want to get these gifts back, you have to cooperate with the Holy Spirit give to you guidance on how to get your gifts back from the enemy. It is a process that takes faith and time. If you lost many gifts, the process may take longer than a person who has lost a few gifts. It depends on what you lost and how you have abided in obedience to God.

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