Obedience To The Holy Spirit

Expect A Revival In Your Life


I have written this book in God's presence and have learnt how a revival takes place in a person's life. If you are yearning for a revival in your life, know that God is already joyful of your desire. A revival starts when a person realizes that he needs God. If you are asking: How will I go through a revival? Know that you have an opportunity to understand why revival is a start of a new relationship with God and how to go about it.

When I was in the world, I witnessed a lot of phenomena that did not correspond with my knowledge of God. There were people who ascribed to both God and the enemy. It is such people who are the subject of this book. I have also learnt that such people are compromised to serve the enemy because they are trying to solve problems in their lives which are as a result of the curses they have acquired.