Prophetic Encounters In God

Finding God In Christ


This is book details a prophet's calling to a prophetic ministry in a time when the Lord is preparing to give people knowledge about what is going on around us. You will learn about: A prophet's journey to finding God, the gifts of the Spirit that the Lord has given to the people whom He loves, How to hear the Lord's voice, How discern between spirits, How to understand the diverse types of spirits that are around us, what leads to the curses which affect people, how the kingdom of darkness is organized and understanding who Christ is. You will also understand how to become a son of God.

I have written this book in the Lord's presence and He has taught me about what happens in the kingdom of God and in the kingdom of darkness. I have learnt that these two kingdoms are antagonistic to each other and that the kingdom of God is directly in control of what happens in the kingdom of darkness.