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How A Parent Can Get Back His God-Given Authority

When a child has grown up in an environment which is Godly, he will easily understand who God is and what God desires of him even better than an adult. Children will effortlessly adapt to God’s will if they are subject to Godly authority. Godly authority may not necessarily involve a Sheikh, Priest, Pujari or Pastor. In fact; none of the previously mentioned persons has authority from God! You see, Religion is man’s attempt at touching God. When a parent hands over his child to a priest, God will bypass that priest and touch a child directly if the child has been dedicated to God truthfully. When you read about the prophet Samuel in the Bible, you will realise that he was given to a priest to be brought up in a Godly manner; however, the priest was most unGodly in his ways until God struck him dead! What does this lesson from the book of Kings in the Bible teach us? It teaches us that Godly authority is from God. A parent cannot delegate his God-given authority to teachers, the local pastor, the council authorities or the Imam in the corner mosque across the street without acquiring curses from the Lord. Authority is from God, when a parent hands over his God-given authority he has sinned against the Lord and needs to repent before he can begin to understand what authority is.

Why A Child In An UnGodly Environment Will Not Understand God’s Will

When a child has not been brought up in a home where authority is from his parents or guardian but that is rather from the state, local authority or the law, he will grow up to become a person who is rebellious towards God. What then can we as parents do to ensure that we do not lose the authority that God has given to us from the foundation of the world? We should ensure we truly love our children to lead them in the path of God’s will. I know it can be overwhelming for a parent who is hearing about these fundamental truths for the first time; do not fret but start trusting God that He will give you back your God-given authority. How will a parent who is desirous of receiving his God-given authority proceed? I have been teaching people about revival and desire that everyone who is willing to trust God enters into a period of revival.

Why A Revival Is Essential For A Parent Desirous of Understanding God’s Will

Revival does not mean that a parent strives to becomes holy and perhaps starts quoting scripture everywhere he is; rather revival is a time when a person comes before God for Him to direct his path in the direction of God’s will. Again, for someone who has not gone through a revival, this may seem overwhelming because such a person may not be sure of how to hear God speak! I had an experience where I had to ask the Lord; “Is it really you speaking?” I received an answer that made that day one of the most memorable days in my life! For a parent who is overwhelmed, my advice would be to start trusting God and desire to be in His presence.

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