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How Curses Operate

How A Person Can Know What A Curse Is

Curses is a subject that many people may be not interested in exploring because they assume God is so loving; He cannot curse! What are some of the ways people acquire curses from God? If a person mocks a prophet, he can acquire a curse from God. There is a debate as to whether there are still prophets today! That debate is for another time but for now, you should understand that prophets will always be and God chooses them from birth! When a person is rebellious to God in anyway, he is already practising the sin of witchcraft much as he may not be consulting the dead directly. Witchcraft causes people to ignorantly acquire curses from God. This category of people are the majority that have curses but who do not know that curses are active in their lives or that they exist! There is another category of people who think that witchcraft is fine to practice because it is accepted in many communities. Such people should understand that witchcraft will lead them to acquire curses which may lead to death!

How To Know Where A Curse Is From

Someone with a curse may explain it away and say; “It is a modern trend for people to suffer this way nowadays, research has proved it to be so”. You have to realise that curses are subtle and not so obvious. If curses were to be so obvious, they would not be as effective in destruction. What is a curse and where does it come from? A curse is a negative word that impacts a person whom it has been spoken to adversely. It may not be so brutal depending on the source but can still maim aspects of a person’s life. A curse can either come from God, man or the enemy. A curse from a man is more lethal than a curse from God or the enemy! A man may curse with the authority of God. A man may also curse without the authority of God but unlike a curse from God, a curse spoken forth without the authority of God automatically activates a curse from God upon the curser because he has acted against God’s will! If a person curses another against God’s will, such a curse becomes a spell. What is a spell and how is it different from a curse? A spell is a vexing word intended to destroy because of revenge, hate or envy.  A curse on the other hand is supposed to be corrective so that a person may realise his mistake and change.

How To Know What Type of Curse May Be Operating In Your Life

If a person irks a foreign god, he may curse depending on if the person who has irked him was acting in God’s will or not. If a person irks a foreign god without the authority of God or without knowledge, he can curse! I will leave what people want to describe a foreign god as for later because the subject is so broad. What should a person do if he wants to understand whether he has a curse operating in his life? I know many people who think that they do not have curses largely ignore this subject but no one can know if he has a curse or not until he receives revelation from the Lord. Once a person ascribes to the Lord Jesus, he will be healed from curses because the Lord became a curse for us all! He will ensure that anyone who comes to Him with curses understands what a curse is and why it is operating upon his life.

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