How Can You Attract a Revival?

A revival needs to take place in a Godly environment

How I started on My Journey to a Revival

When I was in need of the Lord, I was committed to being open to any form of knowledge that I could find. I was so thirsty that I started looking for how to hear the Lord speak. I went from listening to people whom I considered were men of God and then begun to search for the Lord on my own. I did not know that I was being prepared by the Lord to start on a journey of being a prophet! I have been experiencing many opportunities to receive knowledge from the Lord. When I started communing with the Lord, He placed me on a journey that I could not have embarked on my own.

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When a person starts seeking the Lord, it is an indication that there is an opportunity for him to find love. The Lord is love; when you seek Him, you will find Him if you seek Him with all of your heart. If you are seeking Him for His wealth, you will not find Him. If you are seeking Him for His salvation, then you will find Him and He will give you salvation. When you seek Him for His healing and receive it, you may become disinterested after you have been healed. If you seek Him for His knowledge, you will find Him if you are willing to bear the wealth of knowledge that He has prepared for you.

What You need for Your Revival

I have been given the gift of the word of knowledge as a result of a thirst for knowledge that is truthful. If I had continued searching for knowledge without the Lord, I would have found death! The knowledge which I have received from the Lord has made me aware of who and what we are. If you are a person who relies on the knowledge which you can access from the world, you are a carnal person. A carnal person will always expect to understand the things of God using his mind. The mind is a part of the soul that interprets what we perceive with our senses. If a person uses his sight to interpret spiritual truths, that person will not be able to touch God.

Why You Should Avoid the Traps of the Enemy When Your Revival Has Come

When a person is desirous of knowledge, he is on the path to attracting a revival in his life. Knowledge is what that person needs to attract a revival. What type of knowledge attracts a revival? A person who has knowledge of what happened in the past will easily attract a revival than a person who does not have such knowledge. If you were in a house which was cursed by the Lord because of occult practice, you will not find it easy to seek the Lord like a person who has never lived in a house which has been cursed. People who are in places that are cursed are almost unable to seek the Lord as they desire. If you go and say, “I can go and seek the Lord from a place of worship”; know that when you go and seek the Lord from such a place, there are cursed spirits that have been assigned by the enemy to block people there from touching God. When you go and seek the Lord in a place like a home, it is different than when you go to a public place. Why is it difficult to seek the Lord from a public place? I once left home to go and seek the Lord from a prayer camp. When I reached there, I was told by the camp attendant not to allow anybody to touch my head and pray! Why? I asked She said, if someone who is not from the Lord touches your head and prays for you from here, you may leave this place with more problems than you came with! I learned something important that day. How does a person randomly pray for people whom he does not know? It is something that does not look hazardous on the onset. However, you should know that there are people that are in the service of the enemy! Such places have many agents of the enemy. If you are thinking: I would never accept a man I do not know to touch my head and pray. Know that it is not the only way that the enemy can use to trap an unsuspecting believer. What happens when a man touches another man’s head to pray? If the person who touches your head to pray is a cursed man, you will exchange your blessings for his curses. He is in such a place to make sure his own curses are delayed. How come there are people who have such knowledge? These types of people are called agents of the enemy. I have written about how agents of the enemy are exposed by God to people who are constantly in God's presence. A revival is supposed to enable you to enter into God's presence and live a life of obedience to God.

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