How I Have Learned How God Blesses

The patriarch Abraham was abundantly blessed with a vast amount of livestock

What Brings a Blessing?

When I heard that people are blessed because of what they are, I started asking God, what about me? I have always understood that blessed people are obedient to Him. I have also heard of people who are blessed and yet do not struggle to call on God’s name! Have you ever heard of Abraham? He was blessed beyond measure. He was blessed with a gift of prophecy and material possessions. I have been blessed with a gift of prophecy from the Lord. He has blessed all the sons of God with gifts from Him. Who is a son of God? Sons of God are followers of Jesus who is the Son of God. When you hear of a son of God in the New Testament, it is different from a son of God in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, a son of God is an angel whereas in the New Testament a son of God is a disciple who is abiding in obedience to God. How is a son of God blessed? A son of God has been blessed already out of a birthright. If you are the president of the United States, you have rights that no other president in the world has. It is similar to the sons of God. Their rights are like no other rights in this age and in the age to come! There is no more blessing greater than this one. It is eternal! Have you ever asked yourself: how do sons of God acquire such blessing? They have a birthright which is from the blood of God. The blood that was shed 2000 years ago on the cross was God’s own blood. He died to redeem to anyone who has believed in Him and has blessed them. You do not have to continue asking Him to bless you! You should rather give thanks to the Lord for His blessings upon you! How do you tap into God’s blessing? You have to have faith. If you do not have faith, you will most probably never be able to gain from anything of God. He has already made a way for people who seek Him to find hope. If you have a little faith, that is enough! What is faith? It is what you need to believe that God is faithful and will do as He has promised. When you are standing on the promises of God, you will reap from your faith. A child as young as 4 years old can have faith that is enough to move God to perform a miracle!

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You are able to receive a miracle if you have faith

Do You Have Faith?

When God has blessed a person with wealth, he will eat from God’s own table even in the age to come! Everyone who trusts God is able to enter into God’s blessing. When a person enters into God’s blessing, he has to continue oppressing the enemy with his confessions. If you have been blessed by God and yet say: “I still don’t see what God has blessed me with”. You will start doubting. A doubtful person is like a man who has a house but insists it is not his! When you doubt, it is what the enemy needs to start planting in you more words that are contrary to what God says. What does God say when He has blessed you? He will encourage you to live by the word of God rather than by sight. If you are in a place that has hopelessness, you have to start confessing hope! If you are in a situation where there is discord, start confessing reconciliation and peace. When someone starts living by what God says, his life will become a life of fulfillment.

What Is God's Abundance?

There are people have faith that they will one day enter God’s abundance. What is God’s abundance? It is a period in the life of a son of God where he is blessed beyond measure. If you are in lack, you cannot be in God’s abundance, it is what God gives to people who have endured His tests and have become overcomers.

When you doubt, you are always undecided on everything!

An overcomer is a person who has gone through trials and tribulations and is living in obedience to God. When a person is an overcomer, God rewards him with abundance in everything in this age. When I was called to be a prophet, I was mocked as a ‘mad man’ by people whom God had told me to warn about His judgment upon them. Had I succumbed to their words, I would not have been an overcomer. Rather, God grew the gift of prophecy that He gave to me! Previously, I had to struggle to stay in God’s presence, however, I do not need to struggle ever since I was mocked by cursed people. Why does God allow such trials? So that a person may not be swept away by the schemes of the enemy. He is always trying to oppose God and His people in every way possible.

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