How I Have Learned To Grow My Gifts

God has given each of us gifts!

What Gifts Do You Have?

I have learned that gifts come from God or the Holy Spirit if a person is in God’s will. If a person is not in God’s will, he may have gifts from the enemy. What type of gifts are from God? A gift that is from God is usually a blessing that we may consider a natural occurrence in life. If a person has beauty, health, wealth, oratory, humility, peace, love, marriage, children and grandchildren, these are some examples of gifts that are from God. When a person has gifts from God, they are supposed to grow with him. If a person has a gift of wealth, he will grow wealthier with time. If another person has a gift of oratory, he will speak to an audience with more ease than when he first started speaking to audiences. When a person decides to grow his God-given gifts, he will be blessed even more. How does a person grow his God-given gifts? If you have given your gifts to God, He will, in turn, bless them and you will grow with the gifts that He has blessed. If you were a humble man, you will become even more humble as you grow older! A humble man is a person who enjoys favor from both God and man. If he decides to become an administrator, the people who are under his authority will easily relate with him. When I was called by God, He called me a ‘humble man’. I did not know that He had been growing my gift of humility in preparation for the office of the Prophet.

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Have You Given Your Gifts To God?

When a person learns about what gifts God has given to him, he will need to understand the reason why he should give his gifts to God so that He can grow them for him. A gift that has been given to God is not able to be used by the enemy for his purposes. How can the enemy use a gift that God has given to a person for his purposes? If you have a gift of beauty and you have not given it to God, He will not protect your gift from being used by the enemy. The enemy may use your beauty to cause people to lust after you! Such beauty will be cursed by God even He is the author of your gift.

It would be of much benefit to you if you gave your gifts to God

A person who has gifts from the Lord has believed in God’s only Son, Jesus. He will give a person who has decided to follow Him gifts as a result of his obedience to Him. What are the gifts that are from Jesus? They are called gifts of the Spirit. They are gifts that are only given to people who are disciples of the Lord. Disciples are given gifts to enable them to do the Lord’s will. If a person attempts to do the Lord’s will without Him. He has essentially decided to become a failure in his life. You cannot decide to obey the Lord if He has not enabled you to do so! What are some of the gifts that Jesus gives to people who are desirous of doing His will? If you want to become a prophet, a miracle worker, an evangelist, an apostle, a teacher, or a pastor, you will receive such a gift from Jesus if it is in His will for you to have it.

When you have been given a gift by the Lord, He will call you and lead you to His service. If you have been called by the Lord, you have become a child of God. Children of God are always in His sheep pen. When a person becomes a child of God, he will always have Jesus in him. He becomes your personal savior and friend. Have you ever heard of hope? Jesus is the only one that can give you hope. He is the Father of all who have God in their lives.

How Can You Grow Your Gifts?

If you have been able to identify your gifts and have handled them over to God, you have to start cooperating with God so that you can be given opportunities to use your gifts. I have a gift of prophecy that God gave to me in preparation for His call upon my life as a prophet. I was sent to speak to people that I did not know previously to tell them what was on God's mind concerning their lives. I did not expect to stay with my gift unutilized. If God has given you a gift, you will have to use it as per His will. How does a person know when to use his gifts according to God's will? If you have God in your life, He will always lead you in His will. There are times when the enemy will deceive you and appear like an angel of light to entice you to use your gifts outside God's will! If you are susceptible to being deceived by the enemy, you may ask God to give you the gift of discernment if you do not have it already!

If you give your gifts to God, He will grow them for you!
If you have gifts that you know not of, it could be because you have not given thanks to the Lord for the gifts that He has given to you. When you omit to give thanks to the Lord for anything that He gives including your gifts, He will not grow them you for you. Every gift that the Lord has given to you can only grow in accordance to His will. You do not have to work hard to grow your own gifts! The Lord will grow them for you when you learn how to give thanks to Him for your gifts and abide in obedience to Him.

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