How is a Cursed Spirit Able to Go to Heaven?

People who are ignorant of the workings of the kingdom of darkness are disadvantaged by their lack of knowledge

Why the Enemy Does Not Want You to Know About the Workings of the Kingdom of Darkness

Everyone who has the Lord’s bloodline has been vexed by a cursed spirit in their lifetime. When people deny the existence of cursed spirits, they are giving the enemy a leeway to be even more subtle! He is always enabled to work better when people deny the existence of such beings. A person who says: “I have never seen a cursed spirit”, is ignorant of what is in the kingdom of darkness. A person who has been in a place that has cockroaches, bats, owls, mice, pigs, lizards, and snakes has seen cursed spirits that have bodies! If you say: I think they are just animals, you do not have knowledge about the workings of the kingdom of darkness. Every cursed spirit that is in those animals is a marine spirit. They are the pre-adamic people that lived on earth before God destroyed this earth and restored it. They did not walk with God while they were on earth and were condemned to hell. Hell is not a place that is as old as the earth, it was created after God decided to destroy the earth. He moved all the pre-adamic man that sinned against Him to hell. It is just like the earth but only seen using the spirit. There are people who can access hell using their human spirits and are living amongst us today! When I wrote an article about where hell was, a man claimed that he had read the bible but had never seen that hell was under the sea. I will teach people who are interested to know more about hell in a book I will be writing soon.

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Why Cursed Spirits Have to Work Harder Than You Expect

The cursed spirits that have bodies that we see on a continuous basis are as old as the earth. They cannot go to hell and back to earth at will. They must work upwards and not downwards. It is like being upvoted or downvoted on platforms like Reddit. If a person gets downvoted, he will need more upvotes to move up than a person who is at zero! The cursed spirits which are on the earth have much more time before perishing than the cursed spirits which are in hell. The ones in hell are all destined for the lake of fire. The ones on earth still have a chance to go to heaven if they are effective in doing their work. The cursed spirits which are on earth are not supposed to go down to hell whilst the cursed spirits which are in hell can come up to earth as the need may arise. The cursed spirits which are on earth are categorized as cursed spirits that are not able to go to heaven and cursed spirits that are able to go to heaven. The cursed spirits that are not able to go to heaven are the fallen angels. Fallen angels are also sub-categorized by time; the ones that are on earth have much more time than the ones that are in hell or under the sea. The ones that are in hell do not have as much time before perishing in the lake of fire as the ones on earth.

A Lizard is an example of a cursed that has a body

Why You Should Not be Lax in Doing God's Will

There are other cursed spirits that have so much time that you would not suspect that they are cursed! They are the ones that are in the universe. Why are these spirits cursed? They were tricked by Lucifer to give up their birthrights. They should have stayed in heaven had it not been that they were rebellious. They have to call the universe their abode forever if they are to stay alive. They can neither go to heaven nor can they come down to earth. A cursed spirit that is alive and yet not in heaven is called an oppressed spirit. Oppressed spirits are all categorized as oppressed in the earth or oppressed in the universe. An oppressed spirit that is in the universe is unable to oppress anyone on earth. They are oppressed to stay away from the spirits that they rebelled with. These spirits are supposed to be in places that are lonely. They are always longing to be in places that have life. An example of an oppressed spirit is a planet called Venus. He is oppressed in the universe and is unable to harm anyone. Others are Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune. These are all oppressed spirits that are unable to harm anyone. When a cursed spirit is on a mission, its only zeal is to make it to heaven despite all the disadvantages that it is up against. It does not mean that they can never enter heaven. They can and many are entering heaven and are welcomed by the Father! While you may waste time on vain pleasures and sin, know that there are spirits that are competing to use your time to make it to heaven in your place.

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