How Knowledge From the Enemy Can Make a Person a Slave

The enemy is always enticing people whom he wants to steal from using forbidden knowledge

How the Enemy Entangles People Seeking Him For Knowledge

When a person goes on a quest for knowledge from the enemy, he will acquire a curse from the Lord. If cursed spirits give you knowledge, you will become enticed to seek more. They often do not give the people who seek knowledge from them all the knowledge they seek at once! It sometimes may require a lifetime of constant searching for them to start releasing knowledge little by little until a person is completely ensnared in their trap. If a person seeks a clairvoyant to understand what is going to happen in his future, he could receive a for his future but it may not be in the near future. He may then continue seeking more "prophecies" to acquire more understanding of what the first message meant. If the clairvoyant gave him a "prophecy" that had metaphorical denotations, he may then continue seeking for the meaning of what the fortune teller told him. He may also spend much more than he intended and start straining himself financially as some fortune tellers do charge highly for their services.

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What the Enemy Wants From You in Return For the Knowledge You Seek From Him

Other people are so cursed to the extent that they become vegetarians. They want to protect their birthrights without the Lord. These people are all heading to hell because of the knowledge that they have acquired is from hell. A birthright can only be protected in the Lord. Even a vegetarian can be tricked by the enemy to lose his birthright if at all his birthright is from the Lord. How is a person able to protect his birthright in the Lord? If you are fond of eating carelessly, know that there are some occasions where you are not supposed to partake of the meats in functions where ancestors are honoured like funerals and last funeral rites. What if a person attended these and similar functions without knowledge? If you attended these functions without knowledge, the Lord will make a way for you to get your birthright back exclusively! It means that the Lord is going to trick the enemy to ensure he loses the birthright that he stole from you. If the Lord tricks the enemy, you will have to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to make sure that the enemy loses the birthright he stole. This is not a journey that takes a short time, it depends on what is packaged in the birthright. If the birthright has many gifts, it takes a longer time than if the birthright has a few gifts. When a birthright has few gifts, it also does not mean that it is simpler to have it restored. It also depends on your cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

The enemy can make a person who uses cocaine communicate to the dead into a slave

What You Should do to Avoid the Traps of the Enemy

The people who have this knowledge and yet received it from the enemy are the ones that are always in debt. If a person has received this knowledge from the Lord and has not been living in obedience to the Lord, it is worse for such a person because it is what the enemy will use against him when he finally steals his birthright. His own birthright will not be restored if he is willingly disobedient to the Lord. A person that has been living in obedience to the Lord will always be given knowledge of how the enemy plans to steal his birthright. I was once invited to a last funeral rites function where there were important dignitaries including the president of the nation; the Lord told me not to go for that function. A function like that can be used by the enemy to steal the birthright of just one person! If you are thinking: “surely I am not even known in that community”; you are without knowledge of the subtleness of the enemy. If a person has a birthright from the Lord, the enemy covets it so much to the extent that he will constantly try to steal it from him if he is not living in obedience to God.

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