How to Find Hope in God

Worship God to stay in His presence

Where to Start Your Journey of Finding Hope

If you have not given your life to the Lord Jesus, you will have to give Him your life and make Him your personal savior. You will then become a child of God and begin your relationship with Jesus. He will start leading you on how to live in obedience to God by giving you an opportunity to spend time in His presence. How will you spend time in the Lord's presence? He will lead you to a life of giving to God on a continuous basis. If you have stayed in the Lord’s presence for long, He will eventually lead you to God. When the Lord leads you to God, you have found hope. A person who has found hope is able to stay in God’s presence for a longer period of time than a person who just started his journey with the Lord. When God is asked for anything, He is love, He will give. When He gives, He does not hold anything back from the person that He has given to. Have you ever been given a gift by God? I have been given a gift of cooking by God. When I decide to cook, I cook with God’s instructions. If I cook without listening to God’s instructions, I do not enjoy cooking. I have also been given a gift of oratory from God. When I speak, I listen to God speak through me. If I do not listen to God speak through me as I am speaking, I cannot continue. If I am in a congregation, I do not need to depend on my natural abilities to speak, God will enable me to speak eloquently without much effort! If I am in a place where I am alone, I do not struggle to listen to God speak. He will speak to me as clearly as a man would speak to me. He has even taught me the pronunciations of some English words. When a person has found God, he has found all that there is to find.

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How to Start Your Journey of Living in Hope

A person who has been able to find God will have to give to God. How can a person give to God? If you have been blessed by God, you will have to start worshipping God on a continuous basis. When you worship God, you will start witnessing the power of the Holy Ghost in your life. If you are asking: how can I start worshipping God? Know that for you to be able to worship God, the worship has to originate from Him. You cannot worship without receiving the songs for worship from God.

Singing to God alone will edify and enable you stay in God's presence.

How to Continue Living in Hope

When you decide to worship God, he will, in turn, give you all that He is. When you decide to continue worshipping God as a lifestyle, you will be given everything that you need in this life and will not lack. If you lack, then you are not a worshipper of God. Worshippers of God are not supposed to lack. When you are in God’s presence, He will teach you how to worship Him. You cannot worship God without His guidance. If you think, however, that worship involves only singing, you are deceived. Singing is a part of worship but it is not all! A worshipper of God has to start thinking like God. If God is grieved, a worshipper of God will equally be grieved. If God is full of joy, a worshipper of God will be joyful. A person who does not think like God is not able to worship God in spirit and in truth. People who are called to be worshippers of God are selected by God. A man cannot decide who a worshipper of God is. When a person has been selected to become a worshipper of God, he starts living as though he is in heaven. It means that he is a person that is full of faith, a giver, and constantly in the presence of God. When a person is a worshipper of God, he is in the office of the Bishop. God is the Bishop.

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