What is Paradise?

A life-size model of pre-adamic man. The ones that walked with God but did not fully do His will are now in Paradise.

Where is Paradise?

I have heard of people who have claimed to have been to heaven and back to earth. These people are all over the internet claiming that they have been taken by the Lord to heaven and to hell. If you have ever heard about such people know that they are deceived! There is no one who is able to go to heaven and back. There is no one who has ever been to heaven and is on this earth. Where then are these people taken to if it is not heaven? They are taken to a place called Paradise and made to think that it is heaven. When they are in paradise, it is still heaven but it is not the abode of Jesus. They will see what heaven looks like but at a lower degree. This place which is in the heavens is what used to be the Lord’s abode when the earth was not yet destroyed.

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What the Earth Was Before Adam

When the earth was restored, the Lord made a new heavens and a new earth. This earth is billions of years old. It has been a home for people who were created without souls. They are the pre-adamic people that I wrote about in my article titled: "How I Lived as a Prophet". They are the ones whose world we are now living on in terms of oil. They are a people who did not have oil in their world. They lived on the Lord and all that the Lord provided for them. It means that in their age, the earth was not cursed and the people in it did not have to strive for food or provisions as we do. There was also no disease or death since there wasn’t any curse from God upon the earth or the people living in it! They were as though they were in heaven except that they did not have souls. They were a people that were created with a spirit which was very developed to the extent that they were able to communicate with God as though He were on the earth. However, they did sin against the Lord by contacting Lucifer for knowledge. When Lucifer gave them knowledge, they started having desires that were not from God. These desires are what the Lord calls lust.

How Paradise is Related to the Earth

Any desire that does not have its origin in the Lord is called lust. How did the pre-adamic people acquire knowledge from Lucifer? It is what happened to Adam in the garden of Eden. If you were presuming that the garden had physical fruits to be eaten, know that it is not what is denoted in the scriptures. When the scriptures talk of trees, they are not physical trees, rather they are the sons of God. Jesus, who is the Son of God, is the tree of life. The enemy, on the other hand, is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He is the one who is able to dispense forbidden knowledge to people. A person who is on a quest for forbidden knowledge will find it if he is seeking diligently! When Adam was enticed by the serpent to receive knowledge from him, he was just like a person who is seeking a fallen angel to find out what is going on around him. Have you ever asked yourself: what was the knowledge that was forbidden by God in the garden of Eden? There are some things that the Lord has not permitted me to mention because the knowledge that the enemy dispensed to Adam and Eve is not beneficial to you the reader. There is, however, some knowledge that is beneficial to us all and that we have already received. Knowledge is not supposed to be given to blessed people by the enemy. If a person receives knowledge from the enemy, that person has committed an abomination before the Lord. The Lord calls that sin necromancy. It is what sent Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. This garden is paradise. Adam and Eve were demoted by God and sent down to the earth. If they had not sinned, we would be in paradise now. It is now the abode of the ancestors. They are people who once walked with God while on earth but did not fully do His will.

The lake of fire is the 1st heaven and has not yet been inhabited as its inhabitants are still being given chances by the Lord to repent

Paradise is a heaven in the earth. Everyone that has been taken to heaven and back, has not left the earth! The people that are taken to the Father's abode are in the 7th heaven. The heavens that are below the 7th heaven are all cursed! Their curses vary according to the sin that was committed there. If a person is in paradise, he was walking with God but did not fully do his will while on the earth. Paradise is the 6th heaven. The earth is the 5th heaven while hell is the 4th heaven. People who have outrightly rejected God are or are destined for the 3rd heaven which has pits of fire. The second heaven is already burning with people who despised God by mocking his prophets. The 1st heaven has a large lake of fire which is burning. This heaven has no inhabitants yet as they are waiting for the judgement of God.

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