Where Is Hell?

Hell does not have God and is full of hate

What You May Not Have Known About Hell

When people talk of hell, I often ask the Lord, where is hell if people whom the Lord says are in hell are not in the fire? I was imagining that there are people who are burning in a lake of fire somewhere. The Bible is not very clear as to when people who have rejected the Lord go to hell. Is it after the judgement or after death? People who are destined for hell are all in a world under the sea called hell. This place is usually portrayed by the world as a place that is full of wealth. Indeed, it is a place that has no suffering, it is full of wealth that the Lord gave it when He formed it. It is just like the earth but does not have God. It does not have love and the people in it are all full of hate! They are always individualistic. All of them are waiting for a chance to make it out of that world. Everyone who is there is destined for hellfire and they wait with much fear and trembling for their time. When the time comes, that world will be cast into the lake of fire.

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Why the People in Hell are Lost for Eternity

If you have been assuming that there are people that are already in the lake of fire, the answer is no! However, there are people that are already in pits of fire as a result of their total rejection of God. If they were at least able to acknowledge the Lord, they would still have a chance. The people who have ever acknowledged the Lord are the ones that still have a chance in hell. The others are lost for eternity. Is the lake of fire also in hell? Yes, the lake of fire is also in hell. It is an actual lake with fire but that is not yet inhabited in hell. The people who will go to the lake of fire are all condemned for eternity. What is the difference between Hell and hades? Hell is a world just like the earth while Hades is a place where there are fiery pits for the people who totally rejected God. Such people are cursed for eternity. Why do some people go to hell if they acknowledged the Lord? Such people are the ones who were given knowledge but they decided that they would rather do the enemy’s will than do the Lord’s will. They are the ones that the Lord calls harlots. A harlot has all the advantages to be in the Lord’s will but chooses to do the enemy’s will so that he can be able to benefit from the Lord and from the enemy at the same time. When a harlot is in the world, the world considers him of the world and when he is in the kingdom of God, the Lord also considers him His.

The lake of fire in hell is not yet inhabited as its intending inhabitants still have chances of getting out of hell

What You Have to Know About Hell

A person who is in hell will be given a chance to make it to heaven before the judgement if he was giving according to the Lord’s will while on earth. Such a person will have more chances of entering heaven than a person who was not giving! How? By oppressing people on are on earth but are living in disobedience to the Lord. They oppressing such people on a continuous basis and are in competition to do so with much hate. The people who gave while on earth are always at an advantage in hell. If a person was a giver, he will be given a chance to get a birthright from a person on earth. The birthright that people who are in hell covet is the birthright that prophets who are on earth have. A person who is a prophet has a birthright that has the gifts of prophecy, revelation, the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, oratory, understanding, and healing. When a prophet loses his birthright, he should know that there is another person who is in hell that is using his birthright! If a person in hell is using your birthright, you will be given a substitute birthright from the enemy. This substitute birthright will not have the same gifts in it like the one that is from the Lord. It may include the gifts of wealth and anything else that will draw you further away from the Lord rather than draw you closer to Him.

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