Who Has Been to Hell?

A person who has left his body and gone to the world of the dead with his spirit has committed an abomination before the Lord and has been cursed to be away from God's presence

Why You Should Know Who the Dead are

I have heard of people who have been to hell and back and have told of the glamour of that condemned world and the people who are of that condemned world! A person that has been taken to hell is already a condemned person! If a person who contacts the dead can acquire a curse, what about a person who has been to a world of the dead? Such a person has destined himself for the lake of fire. They are cursed to be deaf and dumb to the Lord. They will not be able to go to heaven. They are now acting as agents for the enemy so that they can have all that this world has to offer before their time comes. If they say; “we have not lived a life of sin”, they are assuming that they will make it to heaven on the basis of their works. They are cursed to be away from the Father’s presence! Their destiny is to be as the fallen angels that rebelled with Lucifer. They are not supposed to be forgiven.
A person who has ever been to hell has provoked the Holy Ghost and is not forgivable. They may live among the living but they are indeed dead. They are not supposed to be in the Lord’s presence at all. If you know of such a person, let it be known that you have seen a dead man who can still breathe, grow and eat!

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Why You Should Not Receive Knowledge from the Dead

A person who has been longing for knowledge from the dead is highly susceptible to follow suit and be led by the enemy to hell. If a dead person gives you knowledge from hell, that knowledge is cursed. I had collected books that were from such people. The Lord told me to immediately lose them. I wondered: aren’t they telling the truth? The Lord revealed to me that the source of the truth was of utmost importance! If the truth originates from hell, it is cursed! Had I continued looking for the truth among the dead, I was going to die and would not be able to communicate with the Lord whatsoever.

People who perform rituals in cursed places to appease the dead for knowledge, riches, fame, love and material possessions are at risk of hell

Why Hell is Not Far for People Who Have Rejected the Lord

The circumstances in hell are not like on earth. On earth, a person is able to decide whether he wants to communicate with the Lord or not. In hell, a person cannot commune with the Lord at all! They all aspire to steal the birthrights of people who are on earth so that they may be able to know what the Lord’s will is. If a person has ever been to hell and is now on earth, that person cannot have the Holy Spirit in him. He is a cursed man! People who are on their way to hell are the ones that sin openly on earth. They have nothing to lose! If they do not sin, it is the same as when they sin. There are no restrictions for them and they are collectively drawing multitudes with them to hell. When a person asks: isn’t there intensity of punishment in hell? Yes; there is intensity of punishment but these people are not able to understand this knowledge, all they want is to do the will of their father who is Lucifer. A person who once acknowledged the Lord and has now totally rejected Him is also condemned to be in hell. In hell, it is worse for a person who has previously known the Lord and His goodness than for a person who did not have a taste of the Lord’s goodness at all. Such people are tormented by the people in hell who did not know the Lord at all!

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