Who Is Adam Without A Soul?

A life-size model of the first generation Adam with spirit and body but without a soul

Why We are Not the First Generation of Man

When a person asks: are there cursed spirits in hell? That person is not knowledgeable of the organization of the kingdom of darkness. Yes; there are cursed spirits in hell. It is a world where there are cursed people and cursed spirits altogether. The cursed spirits in hell are seen by the people in hell. They are called wicked or marine spirits. These marine spirits are able to vex people who are on earth with much vigour and hate as compared to unclean spirits. A marine spirit is a cursed spirit that once lived on earth during the time before the earth was destroyed. They are the Adam that lived on earth without a soul but did not do the Lord’s will. The Adam that did the Lord’s will is in heaven with the Lord. These Adam were only spirit and body. Their human spirits were highly developed to the extent that they did not need a soul or mind! The soul is that part of the human body that interprets what we perceive with our senses. For instance, everyone with the sense of sight will understand what they see. The spirit is a part of the body that is connected to God. The spirit is what a man is. It is not easily recognizable for a person whose spirit is not developed. If a person is not connecting to God, his spirit will be stunted. If a person is connecting to God, his spirit will become much more recognizable to him than his soul. God does not communicate with a person through his soul. He communicates through man's spirit. For a person whose spirit is stunted to the extent that it is not recognizable by him, he will think that he does not have a spirit! Every atheist has a spirit that is almost dead and has not been nourished for it to develop. The first generation Adam had a spirit that was developed by God Himself. We, on the other hand, have to develop our spirits ourselves. They were not susceptible to sin as much as Adam that has a soul. Their minds were embedded in their human spirits. How then did they sin against God? They were able to communicate with cursed spirits easier than Adam with a soul. They were able to see these cursed spirits with their eyes, an ability that we, who have souls do not have. Why are they also called Adam? Adam is the name that the Lord called that generation of man. The second generation of man was also called Adam. The man Adam was not the first man; he was the second generation of man created after the earth was destroyed by God as a result of sin. God called both of them Adam. He made the second generation Adam with a spirit, soul, and body.

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Why the Earth was Destroyed by God

The first generation Adam had been on earth for billions of years before God destroyed the earth. At that time, there was no death; the earth was so full of people that there was hardly any space left. They were cursed when the enemy was thrown out of heaven. They sinned against the Lord and He cursed them. When the Lord decided to destroy the earth, He created another earth and called it hell. Hell is younger than the earth. Earth is the oldest among the heavens. When God restored the earth, He created a heaven in it. The old heaven is now called paradise. It is the abode of the ancestors; people who once walked with God while on earth but did not fully do His will for them to enter into His abode in heaven.

Adam was the second generation of man, he had a spirit, soul, and body. When he sinned against God, his spirit was not able to develop as before

Why God formed Hell After the Earth

When the enemy was thrown down to earth, there was no sin on the earth during that age. The first generation Adam had lived without sin on earth implying that there was no death! After sin came to earth, God decided to destroy the earth and take the people that were on earth to another earth under the waters. He called this that new world hell. Our earth was deformed by water and was soaked for billions of years until God restored it. When Adam was formed with a spirit, soul, and body, the enemy had already been thrown to our earth. He was given the opportunity to be part of the creation. He was given a lineage. His lineage is from the serpent. The serpent is an animal that is just like man but is not man.

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