Who is an Agent of the Lord?

Ezekiel was told by God to cut his hair in three parts in public to symbolize God's judgement against Judah and Jerusalem. He was mocked because of what God told him to do.

Who Has Prophetic Gifts?

When you hear of prophetic gifts, you may think that they are gifts which a prophet needs to prophesy. They are gifts that are acquired by a prophet in training with the Lord. When the Lord calls a prophet, he usually does not have some gifts that the Lord needs to anoint. He will then be sent to people who have gifts but are disobeying the Lord. When a prophet is sent to such people, he will usually be mocked so that those people may, in turn, lose such gifts. How does God ensure that a prophet is mocked and why? Gifts that are from God are given at birth. If a prophet is called by God, he usually does not have most of the gifts that are given by God at birth. These gifts include the gift of wealth, the gift of wisdom, the gift of administration and the gift of leadership. If he does not have most of these gifts, he will be sent to people who have these gifts but are misusing them. He will usually pay a price to get these gifts. That price is different depending on who has what gift. If the prophet has to get a gift of leadership, he will have to be mocked publicly. If he has to get a gift of wealth, he will have to live without most of the basic necessities in life for a period of time. If he has to acquire a gift of administration, he will have to live in a communal environment for a period of time. If he does not have all those God-given gifts, he will be sent to people who have these gifts so that he may be mocked, complained of, despised and communally oppressed by such people. It does not mean that when a prophet is mocked, he is committed to living his life in shame. The shame will eventually be removed by God. If he has cooperated with God, He will promote that prophet to a Bishop.

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An agent of the Lord is a prophet who is in training with the Lord and has been placed in the path of a cursed person. If you are using your prophetic gifts for the glory of the enemy, the Lord will send you a prophet so that you might mock him. If you do so, he will acquire all the prophetic gifts that you have been using to glorify the enemy. If you had given your prophetic gifts to God and He had anointed and grown them, you will lose gifts that are fully grown. If you had not grown them, you will still lose them and will not be able to get them back even if you repent. Does the Lord take back gifts which He has blessed a person with? If you thought that He repents of gifts, you are lacking in knowledge. God will not take back any gift which he has given. However, He is able to trick you into losing your gifts. Does the Lord only use prophets to trick people who are using their prophetic gifts for the glory of the enemy? Yes, the Lord will always use a prophet who is in training with the Lord to trick a person who is using his prophetic gifts for the glory of the enemy. If such a person mocks a prophet, he will lose his prophetic gifts and will also acquire a curse from the Lord.

Why You Should Use Your Gifts to Glorify the Lord

When a person asks: can a person who has prophetic gifts lose them if he does not know that he possesses them? Yes, if you are not aware that you have a set of 3 mantles that make up a set of prophetic gifts and yet are using them to glorify the enemy, you will still be tricked by the Lord to lose those gifts. How do people use prophetic gifts to glorify the enemy? If you have a set of prophetic gifts and grow them on your own until you are able to employ people but cheat them, other people or the state, you are using your gifts for the glory of the enemy. How are the gifts which are included in mantles different from the gifts that are from God? If you have gifts that are from God, you cannot lose them even if you use those gifts to glorify the enemy. However, the enemy can steal those gifts from you if you compromise with him. When you repent, you will get back the gifts that you have lost to the enemy.

Joseph was sold into slavery and taken to Potiphar's house where he paid the price for a mantle of leadership that he received from him by spending some time in jail.

Why the Lord Wants You to Use Your Gifts

On the other hand, you can lose the gifts which are in a mantle if you misuse them by glorifying the enemy with them. Can the enemy steal a mantle from you? If you have not used the mantle to glorify the Lord, the enemy is able to steal that mantle from you through trickery! How is the enemy able to steal a person’s mantle? If you have never used the gifts that are in a mantle, the enemy will block you from having knowledge about the gifts which are in the mantle that you possess. If you do not use the gifts which are in a mantle, they will not grow and will be dormant. When gifts are dormant, you are sinning against the Lord by keeping them dormant. The enemy is able to cause you to lose them on that account. How? If you have sinned against the Lord, the enemy has a right to oppress you. If you compromise with the enemy, he may exchange your mantle for temporary relief from oppression. What does the enemy do with such a mantle? If he is to bless a person, he will give him a mantle depending on his desire. Can the Lord trick a person to lose a mantle which he received from the enemy? Yes, the Lord can trick a person to lose a mantle which is from the enemy and will anoint it for a person who is a prophet. How does the Lord bless a person who is not a prophet with a mantle? If a person has a mantle which he has received from the Lord, that person has received it through people.

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