Who is in Heaven?

Heaven is a place of immense colors that are incomprehensible by our human eyes

How a Person Can Enter Heaven

When a person hears about heaven, he will imagine that there are people who are in the Lord’s presence in heaven. The people who are in heaven are the ones who were doing the Lord’s will while on earth. Who is able to do the Lord’s will on earth? There are people who are doing the Lord’s will continuously on earth. These people are in heaven already. They are always in the Lord’s presence. How is someone able to enter heaven? It is not a place that has sin, death or curses. When you hear of a place that has no sin, death or curses, that is what heaven is. I have asked the Lord: "what does it mean to be in the Lord’s presence?" He has revealed to me that it is a stage of constantly doing the Lord’s will. How will a person know what the Lord’s will is? It is what a person can only know when he draws closer to the Lord. When you start doing the Lord’s will, you are already a candidate for heaven.

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Why Heaven is a Place For Everyone Living in God's Will

I used to think that heaven was a far off place, so distant, but received a revelation from the Lord that it is just like the earth! It is a place that is a world with Earth-like characteristics. It is also a place where there are families and homes. When people ask: what does a person who is in heaven need a home for? These people are ignorant of what the kingdom of God is like. When a person is in heaven, he will need a place to stay. It is just like on earth and it has houses, streets, and cities! There are places in heaven that are as handsome as some places on earth! Which place on earth is heaven like? There are some physical features that are both on earth and in heaven. America has physical features that are in heaven and on the earth as well. A place called Atlanta is an extension of hell. It is a land that once disappeared and was brought back to earth. When a land like that disappears, it has been judged by God because of its sin against God. When a person asks: how does a land sin against God? If the inhabitants of that land are constantly sinning against God, it has sinned against God. A land called Iraq sinned against God at abominable levels when it was called Babylon. Everyone in that land was worshiping a god called Mammon. He is the leader in the kingdom of darkness. A person who has ever worshiped that god is cursed to be deaf and dumb in God's presence. What does it mean to worship Mammon? If you are caught up in committing idolatry with money, you are worshiping that god. Anyone who thinks that by tithing he is not worshiping Mammon is deceived! He is the god whose other name is Tithe. If a person tithes, he is giving to Mammon. He is the one who blesses anyone who is tithing under the law. I have written an article titled: "How to know if God Accepts Your Giving" and detailed what type of giving is in God's will. When a person tithes, he acquires a curse from God if he is a person who is in the kingdom of God. If he is in the kingdom of darkness, he will be blessed by his giving which is an act of worship to that god called Mammon.

Worshiping idols is a form of necromancy that will bring a curse of being deaf and dumb in God's presence upon a person

What is on Earth That is Also Found in Heaven

Hell is a place that was once a heaven. It has places that are as handsome as some places in heaven and on earth. How can hell be handsome? It was once a place for people who were in the Lord’s presence. These people were like us but did not have a soul. They are the pre-adamic people that were on earth before the earth was restored. When did hell accommodate these people? They were on earth before the enemy rebelled against the Lord in heaven. Before hell was condemned, there were places that were as handsome as some places on the earth. Hell is also Earth-like, it has the same physical features as the ones on earth. Hell is a world that has the sun, moon, stars, and planets all around it; the same characteristics of the earth. How do the people in hell live? They are not able to stay in houses as we do on earth. This is because they are not in families like it is in heaven and on earth; they live in isolation. How do people live in isolation in hell? They are all cursed to have hate in them. When you see a person that has hate in him, that person is hell-like. There are people who can even murder at will. These people have cursed spirits in them that are from hell which enable them to carry out such acts. There are, however, some people in hell who have hope. These are the people who have a chance of hearing what the Lord is speaking to them. Their hope depends on the prophets of God on the earth. A prophet of God is a person who is called to speak what is on God’s mind on a continuous basis. When a prophet speaks to people in a congregation, the people who have hope but are in hell are able to hear what that prophet speaks! When a prophet speaks to himself, the people that have hope but are in hell will hear him speak as though they are listening to a fellow man.

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