Who Is of the Enemy’s Lineage?

Eve had a son with the serpent in the garden of Eden called Cain

Why the Serpentine Bloodline is Still Opposing God to This Day

The serpent is what the first generation Adam with a spirit and a body but without a soul looked like! They are not ugly beings like the media depicts. The people with the serpentine bloodline are as handsome as their father the serpent is. A person who has knowledge will understand that Eve had a son from the serpent! This lineage is still on the earth today. If you thought that a serpent is an ugly being, look, at the people that have this lineage carefully, they have a gift of beauty just like their father who is Lucifer. The people that have the enemy's lineage are the most prosperous people in this world. They are the cream of this world and are as cursed as their father Lucifer is. How can you know who they are? They are always opposed to the purposes of God in every way possible! If God is encouraging people, they are disgusted with God's encouragement, if God is communicating with people whom he loves, they are oppressing anyone who is living in obedience to God. If God has spoken about sin, they are encouraging people to continue sinning against God! Where God has warned people about His impending wrath, they have mocked God and said; "He has been promising to come back to earth for over 2000 years now!" Such people cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without confessing and repenting of their sins.

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Why a Person of the Enemy's Lineage Will Not Desire Anything of God

A person who is of the enemy’s lineage will naturally have a more developed human spirit than a person who is of the Lord’s lineage. Why? It is because Lucifer is an angel who was given many gifts by the Father. A person who has an ability to call on the name of the Lord without desiring the Lord is most often of the enemy’s lineage. Such a person will often not be able to desire anything of God; just like his father who is the devil. It is easier for a person who has the Lord’s bloodline to call on the name of the Lord than a person who is of the serpent’s bloodline. The bloodline of the serpent has the gift of wealth most dominant among other gifts, Anyone who uses his wealth to oppose the purposes of God is most likely of the enemy's lineage. Anyone who can oppose God to the extent that they can manufacture and distribute contraceptives to kill unborn children is not of God. If you are saying: isn't it modern to use contraceptives? You are lacking in knowledge! A child becomes a living being at conception and not at birth. A person is not formed out of the womb. If you have used contraceptives, repent and ask God to forgive you. It attracts a curse of death.

Abortion is a sin before God. A person who uses contraceptives is equally guilty before God

Why You Should Desire to Be of the Lord's Bloodline

Cain was the firstborn son of Eve, however, he was not of the Lord’s bloodline. He was of the serpent’s bloodline. Adam has the Lord’s bloodline, he is the father of Seth who is in the lineage of Jesus. A bloodline of Seth is the one that cannot go to hell. Anyone who has this bloodline will always find God! The serpentine bloodline is the one that the Lord came to save by shedding his blood on the cross. If a person asks: How can I know if I have Seth's bloodline? If you have given your life to Jesus and have accepted Him as the Lord and personal saviour of your life, it doesn't matter whether you once had the serpent's bloodline or not, you are redeemed! If you are trying to investigate whether you are of the Lord's bloodline to know if you are safe, you will not live for long, you are cursed not to find God. The Lord has already made a way for anyone who wants to live to find a safe passage out of death through His blood! All other attempts to find life are in vain. Rather than go and investigate what your lineage is, go and start living in obedience to God.

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