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How Curses Operate

Why A Person In Debt May Be Under A Curse

Have you ever been in debt? Have you ever acquired a bank loan and defaulted? Has your creditor ever appeared at your doorstep in a black suit demanding payment? This is what often happens to many of God’s children in the world. The financial world teaches that debt is a necessary path for financial growth if properly managed but it can also lead to lack. Whereas debt may relieve immediate scarcity, pain or danger, it is a short-term solution for a bigger and more complex problem. Many of us have no idea of the complexities of financial debt but should be aware that all debt must be paid regardless of the cost! If a person is not able to honour his debt obligations, his creditors will either send him to jail or sell his assets to cover his debt. Debt is never a solution for problems, it only magnifies an already existent problem. Not everyone that has debt may see it manifest in his finances. Debt may manifest as disease, lack, stagnation or retardation. When Jesus came to this world, He acquired our debt at the price of His own blood! What is the price of debt? It is equal to the debt owed plus a markup so that the creditor does not keep demanding for more! In terms of spirituality, debt is known as a curse! What are curses? These are words which are spoken by a spiritual authority intended to maim or retard a particular aspect of a person’s life upon which a curse was pronounced. Spiritual authority is a subject I will dwell on in another article. Much as I may not have much knowledge of the systems that run the financial world, I do know that banks engage law enforcement if they have defaulters who have failed to settle their debt obligations. In the spiritual world, the systems that manage debt are similar but operate at a much higher level of legalism! If a person has curses, whatever he does will fail if he has not sold his debt to the Lord.

How A Person Can Free Himself From Curses

What type of obstacles do people who have curses experience? The world is full of hardships, it was cursed by God at the fall of man in the beginning no wonder there is much suffering everywhere! When a community is cursed, even the innocent will suffer because of curses! There will almost be no difference between a robber and a priest, they will both experience the same hyperbolic hardships that are as a result of the curses upon the land. If a person is living in cursed land, the land has debt which will affect his wellbeing either in the present or future. If a person acquires a house in cursed land, he will suffer the same difficulties the people who are in the land are suffering! What type of curses can be upon a land? If for instance the inhabitants of a particular land mock a prophet or a man of God to the extent that he curses, the land will experience a curse upon it. It may be a curse of death where the inhabitants do not live beyond a certain age or a curse of poverty among many others. What should a person who is eager to sell his curses to the Lord do? If a person has identified himself as a candidate for relief from curses, he has taken the first step to free himself from the entanglements of curses. If however, he does not seem to recognise any obstacles in his life, then he cannot have relief. What does relief from curses entail? If a person has identified a curse in his life, he ought to seek the Lord and get relief from Him. It is only Jesus who can free a person from curses.

How A Person Can Identify A Curse

How can a person seeking relief from curses find resources about curses so that he may identify the type of curses that may be operating in is life? Fortunately, resources about curses are all around us! There are experts in various fields that exist in the world today because of curses. Let us consider one example; Have you ever visited a psychologist? All psychologists connect to the world of the dead! What is the world of the dead? This a world that is eternally disconnected from God! Much as it can offer solutions to this world, it’s solutions are all cursed and short term! If there is a person you know who is a psychologist, you have already been in contact with a medium! Not all mediums are all cursed but all have curses of death because they connect to the world of the dead as a profession. There are many other such examples that I will write about each in subsequent articles.

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