Why a Prophet Should Not Lose His Birthright

A person who is in God's will is not able to be tempted by the enemy to lose his or her birthright

Why a Prophet Should Live in Obedience to God

A prophet who has lost his birthright and has been given a substitute birthright will always try to touch God and fail! If he has been given knowledge about what a birthright is and he realizes that he lost his birthright to the enemy, he will have to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to ensure that his birthright is restored by the Lord. What does a person in hell use a birthright that is stolen for? When a person who is in hell steals a birthright that is from the Lord, that person will use it to listen to the Lord speak through a prophet who is on the earth. A birthright that is from the Lord is also coveted by a prophet who has been condemned to hell. A prophet in hell will use the birthright to understand what the Lord’s will for a prophet who is on earth is so that he can tempt a prophet who is on earth accordingly. When that prophet who is on earth is tempted, the prophet in hell is rewarded! How? By using the gifts that are in the birthright he has stolen for the purpose of listening to the Lord speak! This is why it is important for a prophet to stay in isolation with the Lord during training.

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Why a Prophet Should Always Trust the Lord

When God calls a prophet, He ensures that he is in isolation so that he may concentrate on the Lord. If he is in a home, he will be told to leave home and concentrate on what the Lord is teaching him. He will have a lot of forces of darkness that will try to tempt him. When a prophet is in isolation with the Lord during his training as a prophet, he will not lack the power to be able to overcome temptation. The forces of darkness that are competing to make sure that a prophet falls are overwhelming! If a prophet decides to lean on his own understanding, he has already given the enemy an advantage over him. When a prophet trusts the Lord, the enemy will lose the birthright he stole from him and will not be able to tempt him because he will be unaware of what is going on between the Lord and that prophet. If the enemy succeeds to tempt him to the extent that he falls, the enemy will be rewarded depending on its status in the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of darkness is highly organized and legalistic to the extent that every act is a competition. Every cursed spirit is supposed to ensure that it succeeds in whatever it does, if it fails, it will be demoted. Demotion in the kingdom of darkness has eternal consequences. This is what hell has to offer for people who have decided to reject the Lord.

Joseph was taken to prison where he was in isolation with the Lord. He interpreted the dreams of the chief baker and the chief butler which were used by God to make him a governor of Egypt

Why a Person Who Has Received His Birthright Should Not be Lax in Doing the Lord's Will

When a man who is ignorant of his calling as a prophet is in the world, that man is able to cause a lot of people to use his gifts so that they go to heaven on account of his ignorance. How? By giving the enemy opportunities to steal his birthright. The enemy is always scheming how to steal the birthright of people who are lax in doing the Lord's will. What does it mean to be lax in doing the enemy's will? If you have been told by God to live in obedience to Him and you have not yet started living a life of obedience to him, you are giving the enemy opportunities to take away what you have from God. A person who has this birthright from the Lord should know that He has planned that a set number of people will come to heaven using that birthright whether they reject Him or not! This birthright is not able to stay in hell. It is the reason why it is much coveted in the kingdom of darkness.

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