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Children That Are Blessed

Why Children Need To Enter The Lord’s Presence Early

When a child is living in obedience to God, it is easier for him to have faith to move mountains than an adult who is in the world and has experienced the functionalities of the systems of the world. A child who is inexperienced will most likely trust God easier than a schooled person who is knowledgeable many of workings of the world. The systems of the world much as are imperative to our daily living are cursed! A person who embraces the world, and all that is in it cannot love God! What are the systems of the world that can cause a man to desire the Lord less? The structures of this world including the political, educational, financial, legal, medical and religious orders are all intended to place God last!

Why Parents Need To Dedicate Their Children Unto The Lord

A child’s faith is much like the faith of a man in God’s presence because most children already living in God’s will are innocent of sin. When a child is below 13 years old, he is not subject to the curses of his own father or forefathers. He is living in the Lord’s presence if he was dedicated to the Lord by his parents. Children who have been dedicated unto the Lord have an opportune time to be in the Lord’s presence until they are able to comprehend what the world is. Let us look at the classic example of Samuel in the Bible; God called him four times in a single night until Samuel went to Eli thinking he was being called by a man. When Eli realised that God was calling Samuel he told him to acknowledge God’s call and listen. God told Samuel about what He was going to do in Israel and the judgement that was upon Eli’s household for which there wasn’t reprieve! Why would the Lord tell a young inexperienced child about things that were to take place in a great nation and concern him with judgement that was upon a priest’s household? It is because Samuel was dedicated to the Lord’s service by his parents as a child. How are children who are dedicated unto the Lord handled? These children are taught by the Lord on the love of God and the workings of the kingdom of God. A child who is dedicated unto the Lord will neither be heard cursing God nor will he mock God. A child whose parents are eager to please God will always be in a position of leadership in the kingdom of God, however, it depends on lineage. What is lineage? For people who are in the Lord, lineage is the blood of our Lord Jesus.

Why Children Dedicated Unto The Lord Are Positioned To Become Leaders

Lineage has a lot to do with the present. What happened in the past is directly going to influence the present and the future. There is a reason why the Lord Jesus was born from the tribe of Judah and not any other tribe. Judah is a tribe that must bear leaders for all time. Judah is a tribe which everyone who ascribes to the Lord Jesus is a part of. What Judah is not; is a tribe in Israel that is of a particular race. Having said that, it is paramount to understand that Godly lineage has got nothing to do with race. The segregation of races by man to abuse a person’s skin colour is an abomination before the Lord. Judah is a tribe of which all races and peoples of different skin colours belong as long as they have placed their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. Judah is a tribe of leaders, children who have placed their trust in the Lord will eventually become leaders in the kingdom of God.

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