Why Gods and Goddesses are Cursed

Ceres is a god worshipped for its ability to bless its worshippers with blessings in the farm and magical powers

Who are the Gods that are Drawing Ignorant People to Hell?

There are cursed spirits that are gods and goddesses in the universe. They include Jupiter, Eris, Ceres, and Pluto. They are the ones that are worshipped for their ability to cause war. If a person calls on the name of Jupiter, that person is knowledgeable about the fallen angels that are responsible for all the devices of warfare. A person who is involved in the martial arts is directly worshipping a goddess called Eris. He is a goddess for the Ninjas. These are people that are cursed to go to lonely places to be with their goddesses in the lake of fire. They are all hell bound at the judgment seat of the Lord. They are all hopeless and await their time!

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Why a Person Should Not Be Tempted to Worship a God or Goddess

A goddess called Ceres is responsible for the art of magic. He is also called Hekate or Hike in different cultures. He is the goddess of agriculture and grain in the world. He is not able to bless anyone, he is a tricky goddess. The people that practice magic are always in cursed places where people practiced necromancy by contacting cursed gods and goddesses. A magician is always surrounded by cursed spirits that are invisible even to him to assist him to perform the acts which he calls supernatural. When these cursed spirits leave him, he instantly becomes a pauper. He is always at the mercy of cursed spirits. A goddess called Hecate is responsible for the people who worship the earth and omit the holiness of God! Such people worship the grain and food that the goddess of grain can offer them by giving them knowledge about farming. A person who is in the worship of this goddess has to continuously sacrifice to it as an act of worship. If he fails to worship a god or goddess that he previously went to for blessings, it will curse him with lack. These gods entangle a person in a cocoon of servitude to them in return for blessings.

Stargazing is a form of necromancy where the people who worship the stars are given knowledge about the time that God has set for major events that are to happen as the time for the return of the Lord draws closer

Why a Person Should Not Rely on Knowledge From Gods and Goddesses

There are cursed spirits that are even further away from the earth than a god called Eris. They are called Stars. A star is a bright planet. It is an oppressed spirit. There are people who stargaze to contact these spirits. When they practice stargazing, they are given knowledge concerning what is to come in the future so that they can be able to predict the times. Their followers do not usually worship them. Their predictions have a lot of inaccuracies as a result of the extreme distractions that their followers undergo when they contact them. Why do people who contact stars for knowledge get receive inaccuracies? They are usually unable to call on a star by name because these stars are extremely innumerable. Their number is only known by God. When they try hardest, they come up with groups of stars which are called constellations. Constellations are groups of stars that are contacted for the purpose of knowing what the future holds for some of the fallen sons of God. God does not communicate to these fallen angels directly. They are considered dead by God and they have been condemned already! Anyone who contacts them is cursed to share in their curse. A star is a son of God that does not have the same curse as the fallen angels. They are not bound for the lake of fire. Rather, they are used by God to communicate God's purpose to the fallen angels. When people contact the stars for knowledge, they are trying to interpret messages for fallen angels! Most of the time, they cannot correctly interpret these messages because they are not meant for human beings!

Why a Person Should Endeavour Not to Get Trapped by the Gods and Goddesses

When people contact the fallen angels that were cursed by God, they commit a sin of necromancy. They are dead! They cannot receive any communication from God apart from being warned about how soon their time is fast approaching. When a person desires to receive knowledge from such beings, he has decided to commit the sin that Adam committed over again! It is the reason we have to toil on earth. It will be the same curse that a person will attract upon himself if he contacts the gods. If a person has contacted these gods and has partaken in the worship of these gods, there is hope! He can repent and be healed of the curses that he acquired by contacting the gods! If a person has gone to the world of the dead either in the heavens above or in hell below, he has sinned with his spirit and has no hope! Jesus died to save souls from perishing. Had he died to save spirits, even Lucifer would have been saved! I have been called to tell people who are about to enter into the trap of the enemy and lose their lives in the quest for riches and any other material blessings that gods may offer them. As their time shortens, they are now actively aggressively deceiving even more people.

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