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Children That Are Blessed

Why God’s Will Is Easier For Children To Adopt

When a child is in a Godly environment, he will acquire certain gifts from the Lord that he would not ordinarily receive if he were in an unGodly environment. What are some of the gifts which a child in a Godly environment may acquire from the Lord? You see, when a child is in a Godly environment, he will start doing God’s will even though he may not know nor understand what God’s will is. These gifts from the Lord are intended to enable a child grow in obedience to the Him. A person who is not in a Godly environment will find it extremely difficult to obey God unlike another in a Godly environment. Like an adult, God works in the hearts of children to encourage them to grow in the love of God and obedience to His will. What is God’s will anyway? Most people may think that God’s will is to be holy, humble or be extremely faultless! I have often heard people relate humility to holiness. Much as humility can lead to holiness, it is not always the case. There are people who are humble but are most unGodly in their ways! God’s will even though may seem difficult to perceive for adults will be much easier for children to adopt. Jesus said; “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein” Luke 18:17. Where most people fail to understand God, children will hear, understand and obey God.

Why It May Be Easier For A Child To Do God’s Will Than An Adult

What then should a parent do if he is desirous of doing God’s will like a little child? First and foremost God is not only interested in children but in everyone who is willing to do His will. If a child has been able to understand who God is at a tender age, it is much easier for him to do God’s will than an adult who has found God at a much later date. Why is it that it is much easier for a child to obey God than an adult who has found God later in life? When I was a child, I never had family responsibilities, bills to pay and the future to constantly worry about. As an adult, these pre-occupations most often distract a person from doing God’s will as they overwhelmingly drive many people’s decisions. If a child gives himself to the Lord early in life, by the time adulthood arrives with its burdens, it is the Lord who will take care of them. The fact of the matter is that when a child trusts God early and obeys Him, God will reward his obedience with wealth!

Why Adults Should Endeavour To Obey God Early

Obedience is a topic that most people fail to understand because they relate obedience to being faultless or without sin. Obedience is simply doing God’s will. How is an adult going to understand God’s will so that he may obey? God’s will is relative from person to person. If a person has come to God as a child, God’s will for him will be different from that of a person who has come to God as an adult. God’s will is for everyone to seek Him and find what He has planned for you from the foundations of the world. It is not something that a person may understand in a day, month or year but that God will communicate to you directly and confirm! What then should an adult who is desirous of entering the kingdom of God like a little child do? When people hear of the kingdom of God, they imagine that they are going to start attending charismatic Christian meetings in the local neighbourhood but that is not always the case. In fact, God is not interested in church buildings but in the heart. When a person desires to be in God’s will, God will always direct him in the right path at His own timing.

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