Why Heaven is Not a Far off Place

Tarot reading is a form of necromancy that is an abomination which will bring a curse upon the person who has gone to consult the dead

Why No One Can Go to Heaven and Back to Earth

A place called heaven is a place that no one on earth has ever visited. If a person says he has ever been to heaven, he has been cursed and will have to commit his life to an eternity of torment. How can you know if heaven is a place where people are? Anyone who says they have been to heaven and back to earth has been to a place called Paradise. It is a place that Adam was when he partook of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It is a place that was once heaven but now is a heaven for people who once walked with God but did not fully do His will. When a person says he has been to heaven, that is the place he has been taken to. What type of people are taken to paradise and back to earth? They are people who have outrightly rejected God and been warned numerously not to consult the dead. They were committed to consulting the dead to understand who God is and what was going on in their lives. When a person consults the dead to know who the living God is, that person has practiced the sin of necromancy. It is an abomination before God. When a person asks, is there hope for people who have left this world and have gone to a place called Paradise and back to earth? It is a decision that God has warned us about in the word of God. A person cannot go to the dead and live. The places where the dead are are condemned places.

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What a Person Who is Living Should Not Attempt to do

When a person consults the dead, there are some contracts that you are entered into with the enemy into whether you know what they are or not. If you have gone to the dead for knowledge, you will be given knowledge at a price of your gifts. There are gifts that are given to you from God that the enemy covets. If you have a gift like the gift of humility that I have, the enemy will always entice you to steal your gifts. I was taken to a country to work and earn much but at the expense of my relationship with God. I could not pray and understand what was going on in my life. If I had not left that country, I would have been trapped by the enemy for an entire lifetime. I would not be writing about God and the kingdom of heaven now. When a person goes to the dead and comes back to the living, that person is condemned. Who is a condemned person? He is a person who cannot communicate with God unless he is praying a prayer of repentance. He has no way of hearing what God is saying but only through signs. When a person goes to the dead, he has sinned against God with his spirit. A person who has sinned with his spirit cannot be forgiven in this age and in the age to come. Such a person is no longer condemned but dead! A dead person is not supposed to be among the living, God will eventually cut off such a person from the living.

Worshiping idols is a form of necromancy that will bring a curse of being deaf and dumb in God's presence upon a person

Why You Need to Understand What Heaven is

here is no one who has been able to see heaven. It is impossible for a human being to go out of this earth to heaven and back. Has anyone then ever been to heaven? Yes; they are people who are in heaven and cannot come back to earth. They have already entered into perfection, they cannot come back to the imperfect. If we say we can go to heaven and back to earth, it is like saying we are able to be in a womb to be reborn. A womb is made for a foetus. A child is able to understand what is in his environment. An adult is able to understand what is in his far off environment. A spiritual person is able to understand what is in the spiritual environment. A mature spiritual person is able to understand what is in the far off spiritual environment. A mature spiritual person can understand what a spirit is and what types of spirits are in his and other environments. Spirits are beings just like human beings and are classified in various categories and sub-categories that you can learn about in my book, "Prophetic Encounters in God: Heaven Is Not Far". There are numerous types of spirits that are in hell, on earth, and in the heavens, and they are the subject of that book.

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