Why Hell is a Place for People Who Have Lost Time

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A doubtful person is not able to do God's will

Why a Person Should Not be Lax in Doing God's Will

A person who has left this earth without understanding as to why God placed him on earth will eventually find out what God's will for him on earth was. He may then want to start doing God's will but it will be too late! If he was supposed to be a prophet, he will still have his birthright if he did not lose it to the enemy! A birthright is a set of prophetic gifts that God gives to a person who is of his lineage. If such a person was lax in doing God's will, he will still have his birthright but in hell! A prophet who found himself in hell was not knowledgeable of the Lord’s commands while on earth. Some of these prophets were lost in other religious denominations whilst on earth. The people who are in hell are not supposed to contact the Lord whatsoever until their judgement. What else do they do while in hell? They are always looking for opportunities to lure people that are on earth to hell for them to have a chance to have hope. Hell is a world of hate. The people who are lured into contacting them are the ones they exchange life with. They steal time by causing a person to contact them. If for instance, a person went to contact the dead under the waters, they will steal that person’s time on earth and gain more time for them to lure more people so that they can be elevated to paradise. The more people they lure, the more time they have to work. The fewer people they lure, the less time they have before their judgement.

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Why Time is so Precious in Hell

Hell is a world of stiff competition! Each of the condemned spirits in hell is on a race against time; they value time more than anything else. How do they lure people so that they are able to steal time? If you are in the habit of concentrating on the occult, know that your time on earth is being stolen by the people under the waters. While you may think that you are in control, they are using your time to find a chance at hope. When a person has been involved in the occult, he has willingly given his time to people who are in the world under the waters. What about the fallen angels that are in this world, were they also on the earth? The fallen angels which are under the waters are all cursed to be taken to the lake of fire earlier than the ones that are still on earth. These fallen angels rebelled against God with Lucifer, were thrown to earth but killed the Lord’s prophets on the earth.

When a person involves himself in the occult, he exchanges his time on earth with the knowledge that he is receiving from the dead. They use that person's stolen time to lure more people into hell

Why the Fallen Angels in Hell Have Less Time Than the Ones on Earth

There are fallen angels that are condemned to hell and that have less time before their judgement as compared to the ones that are still on earth or the heavens. Some of the fallen angels that are condemned to hell include coffee, cocaine, passion, cocoa, moringa, neem, whiskey, rum, beer, gin, vodka, and soda. These spirits are not supposed to be on earth, they have to have blood shed for them to enable them to stay on earth. If blood is not shed on their behalf, they will not be able to stay on earth longer. Some people may ask: are these not plants or liquids that are mixed by man? These cursed spirits are the ones that gave those mixtures to the people that first mixed them. The only type of alcohol that was in existence on earth when these spirits rebelled in heaven was wine. It is the only alcohol that is permitted by God to be on earth. The rest are not supposed to be on earth, they are condemned. A person who is in the habit of taking alcohol is cursed to give his time to the spirits under the waters through these cursed spirits. Why are some fallen angels in hell while others are on earth? A fallen angel that is in hell like coffee is not supposed to be on earth because it stole a birthright of a prophet. If a person is a prophet, he has a birthright that is coveted by people as well as fallen angels in hell. If that prophet has sold his birthright, he will be condemned to hell. How does a prophet sell his birthright to a fallen angel? If a prophet communicates with a fallen angel, he loses his birthright to that fallen angel. The fallen angel uses that prophet’s birthright to bless another person with gifts. When these fallen angels bless people on earth with these gifts, they, in turn, steal from the people whom they have blessed. For instance, if you received a gift of wealth from a fallen angel, you will lose your time on earth to him.

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