Why People are Enticed to Contact Fallen Angels

Meditation is one of the ways people contact fallen angels for knowledge, power, riches, healing and prophecy

How People Contact Fallen Angels

All the people you may call geniuses were able to contact the dead in the heavens above for them to acquire that knowledge. I know that the Russian scientist, Dmitri Mendeleev (1834 – 1907) who discovered the periodic table of elements received it in a dream! It is such a detailed and complex table that I wondered: how did he get it? It was later that I received a revelation from the Lord that he acquired that knowledge from the ancestors. Ancestors are at the apex of the ladder in the kingdom of darkness. They are the ones that give the commands in the kingdom of darkness, other cursed spirits implement them including fallen angels. An aerial spirit may use what is like a telephone to contact an ancestor on behalf of a person who is contacting the dead. Some of these aerial spirits are what we are using now for our technologies today. If you are a physicist, you know that there are some elements in the atmosphere that are not seen by our naked eyes like x-rays, bluetooth, gamma rays, infra-red rays, wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), high fidelity (Hi-Fi), satellite technologies like GSM, and the colours that make up white light which include: red, orange, yellow, green, brown, indigo, and violet. If a person is asking: how can these be cursed spirits? Know that everything that the Lord has made is spiritual. There are colours that are in heaven but are not on earth. The colours which make up white light in heaven are much more than the colours that make up white light on the earth. The colours that are in heaven are incomprehensible by our eyes on earth. A technology like the telephone is in its infancy compared to what the ancestors use to communicate to themselves and to some people who contact them.

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Why You Should Have Knowledge About the Fallen Angels In the World

The air is full of cursed spirits. Some people will prefer to use spices while others will prefer to use aerial spirits. If a person prefers to use spices, these spices are the ones that have that the technology which people use to contact the dead. Yes, they use technology! there is no other miracle. Some people think that a place called heaven is so spiritual that there are no machines. In fact, heaven is full of machinery! Everything that you are able to see on earth is in heaven. The only difference is that the ones on earth are cursed and the ones in heaven are perfect and blessed. I have been given the gift of the word of knowledge by God to know all of these things without experiencing death. People are now supposed to have this knowledge because the time has been shortened by the Lord. There is coming a time when this knowledge will be sought for by cursed people to destroy but the Lord is gracious and will preserve it for the coming generations.

Magic is one of the ways fallen angels communicate with people who have a birthright of the enemy. Such people may think they are gifted by God

Why Fallen Angels Will Not Entice a Person Living in Obedience to God

A person who is enticed to contact fallen angels will be promised riches in exchange for the knowledge, prophecy, power, fame, or health he may be searching for. When a person receives from a fallen angel, he acquires a curse upon him from God. Such a person cannot enter heaven if he was taken to the world of the dead that is either in the heavens above or under the sea below. That sin is unforgivable!

People who are already able to understand the complex structure of the kingdom of darkness will ask; why are we so deceived? It is because everyone is interested in the mysterious. There are people who have forbidden knowledge and are rich because they have the enemy’s lineage and are able to contact the dead for knowledge on how to become rich. A person who is seeking riches and has now discovered that riches are in cursed places is the one that this knowledge is not meant for. He has been enticed to look for death and will have to stop! If you are able to live in obedience to God, you will not be enticed to seek anything from fallen angels, they will have nothing to offer you.

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