Why the Enemy Uses Knowledge to Lead People to Hell

By receiving knowledge from the serpent, Adam lost his birthright to him

How the Enemy Uses Knowledge to Steal From People

Knowledge is what the enemy used to entice Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. It is knowledge that has caused us to endure all the curses that are upon this earth today. A person has to struggle to live and fend for himself on earth because Adam and Eve received forbidden knowledge from the serpent. He was enticed to receive forbidden knowledge so that the enemy could acquire his birthright. If he had not acquired knowledge from the serpent, we would all be able to enter into God's presence just like Adam could before he partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is the same thing that is still happening today! There are people who are seeking to acquire knowledge from sources that are forbidden. They do not know that when they receive such knowledge, they will lose their God-given gifts. This knowledge is now readily available to almost everyone with the onset of the internet. When a person decides to get knowledge from cursed spirits, he has decided to sin against the Lord. If you have ever been enticed to search for knowledge from cursed sources like; the celestial bodies and cursed spirits, know that it is what most people who are cursed do call god. When a person practices magic, he has knowledge that is forbidden even though it may be as common as salt. How does a person who practices magic become cursed? Magic is a cursed god that has been condemned to the outer universe. This god is not on earth! He is not supposed to operate on earth. The people who have contacted this god that is also called magi are cursed to stay in poverty for the rest of their lives on earth and thereafter. This god has various ways of enticing people to acquire knowledge about the metaphysical from him. How does this god entice people to acquire knowledge from him? He is, for instance, aggressively writing books on magic in all its forms. I recently searched the internet and found that the top earning writers in the world are all writing about magic in the form of storybooks and novels. He is stealing time from people who are are engrossed in magic.

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How Knowledge From the Enemy Will Lead a Person to Acquire Curses

Magic is a god that is not in any way able to stay on earth because he is not supposed to be on the earth. The people who are enticed to contact this god are usually prophets who have a birthright that is not from God. Their birthright is from the enemy. They are the ones this god is usually interested in enticing. How does a person receive a birthright from the enemy? If a person is living in disobedience to God, he will be given a birthright from the enemy if he has prophetic gifts from God. How do such prophets get enticed to seek knowledge from cursed gods? If a prophet is enticed by a cursed god, it is usually because he has been given a foretaste of the gifts that such a god has in store for him. If a person who is ignorant is enticed, he will often not be able to disentangle himself from the traps of the enemy which include asking for: knowledge from philosophy or from dead texts like adages, searching for knowledge from people who were geniuses like Einstein, Ford, Firestone, Carnegie, Tesla, Edison, Confucius, Socrates, and Plato among many others. Other people call on the name of dead ancestors by creating foundations and bursaries in their names like the Ford, Walter Reed, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Foundations among others. When people go and contact these ancestors mainly for knowledge, they acquire curses which these people walked on earth with. For instance, if any Rockefeller had cancer and yet you have benefitted from a Rockefeller scholarship, you are highly susceptible to acquire cancer in your lifetime. These people had knowledge that they acquired from the enemy and used it to enrich themselves but did not share openly the true source of that knowledge. They acted as though the knowledge was theirs so that they could gain fame and approval of man.

Philosophers like Socrates received knowledge from the dead

How Knowledge From the Enemy Will Lead a Person to Death

Knowledge that is from the enemy even though may enrich you always has a price tag attached to it. If you have ever benefitted from a scholarship of any kind, know that you are destined to acquire a curse from the Lord for having benefitted from that scholarship. When you play the lottery, a god called lotto is contacted to give you luck. This god will steal time and gifts from you the player or your birthright. The people who win in these games are selected by this god for what they have to offer to him. When this god gives a person money, know that that person has exchanged his birthright for that money.

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