What Would God Do If He Called You To Be His Prophet?

I am a bishop, an author, and blogger of what God has called me to do in this generation and in the world in preparation of His second coming

I have been living in God's presence and He has commissioned to teach whosoever is in need of God's word in this generation. I am writing about what God has taken me through over a period of three years. I am an author who has been commissioned a bishop by God after a series of tests that He designed for me. When a person is in God's will, there are some things that God will always rid you of. If a person who is in God's will can desire God's presence, He will not hold back anything from him at the time he starts his journey of being in God's will and His presence at the same time. A person who is in such a scenario is called a bishop. When God appointed me a bishop, there was no ceremony, no ceremonial dressing or celebration, He appointed me a bishop in His presence. His presence is what I am living and where He has called me to be. How can a person call himself a bishop without God? It is why He has commissioned me to teach the world why His anger has been roused by religion and where it is leading people! By the grace of God, I have been enabled to compile the experiences of what transpired between me and God in the three years I have been in His presence. God has also enabled me to write three fundamental books that I hope will teach people who are desirous of knowing who God is and what He can do in their lives. I am continuously updating this blog which he has commanded me to write as a commitment to His word.

God's word is alive and can change a person who has rejected the world. A person who has rejected the word is a candidate for God's presence. When Jesus comes back to the world, He will come to take a church that does not have blemish. The church that does not have Jesus as the bridegroom will not go with Him to heaven. When I was called by the Lord, He asked: "Can you be able to do God's will on your own"? I said: "I do not desire to attempt to do God's will with my own understanding". He then gave me the gifts of the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. When a person has these two gifts, he is already a prophet even if he has not yet undergone training by the Lord. I am continuously updating this blog as a command from God for this generation and for future generations so that they can understand why God has decided to shorten the time of the Lord's return.