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I have a calling to go into the world and proclaim the second coming of the Lord Jesus. I have been in the Lord’s presence for over three years now. He has commissioned me to teach and speak about His love for man. The Lord has enabled me write nine books so far. I have a goal to write a particular number of books which the Lord spoken to me about. The books I have written have come out of the Lord’s presence. I have received a wealth of knowledge and understanding from God as I have been writing. I was a graphic designer by the time the Lord called me. He told me to stop whatever I was doing and do His will.

When I was called by the Lord, I was confused as to why He was giving me prophetic messages. I asked myself: “Why is the Lord speaking to me about His second coming; is the world coming to an end?” I did not know that the Lord tells His prophets what is on God’s mind. Little did I know that the Lord was giving me a hint on what He had called me to be. When I was in the world, I thought that the Lord does not speak to people directly. I thought He spoke only through; pastors, the word of God, signs, and oracles. I did not know that God is not only interested in redemption but in having a solid relationship with man.

When I started hearing the Lord’s voice, I thought that He was a cursed spirit speaking to me. He asked: “who are you?” He said: “It is I, Jesus”. I went and asked two pastors who did not know me and who did not know each other whether my experience with the Lord was genuine. They both confirmed to me: “It is the Lord”. I then started to seek the Lord to hear more of His voice. During that period, the Lord’s voice was not as loud as I hear Him today. I then went to work in another country where I struggled with hearing the Lord’s voice. Sometime after that, I went back to my country and started listening to the Lord’s voice. It is then that the Lord told me to stop moving in an antagonistic direction from His will and concentrate in His presence. It is where I have been since then. I have gone through various tests which the Lord has used to enable me to stay in His presence constantly. I have also been persecuted by the enemy who has caused suffering to everyone who has a calling to expose what happens in the kingdom of darkness.

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