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Hearing God's Voice

Why A Man Should Desire To Hear God Speak

I often hear people ask: “How can a man hear God speak?” God speaks but in different ways to people. If I told you God can speak to you today, expect that He will speak to you and have faith! Why does God speak to people differently?It is because there are different interests that people come to God with. Some people may wish to hear God speak about their marriages, others may want to hear God speak about their finances and yet some may just want to hear God speak hope to them. All these people are able to hear God’s voice but many of them are unable to concentrate on waiting on God. What is waiting on God? Waiting on God is the ability to believe that what you have petitioned God for will be acted upon by Him. I had an urge to hear God speak but despite all the church meetings I had attended, I was still not able to hear God speak to me directly. I prayed but still did not hear God speak to me directly until He sent me a person who was able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit to my house. I had prayed and was waiting on God to answer my prayer; He did and sent me someone to guide me even though I did not expect it! What then should a person who is yearning to learn how to hear God’s voice do? A man who is longing to learn how to hear God’s voice should endeavour to look out for opportunities to please God. Pleasing God does not mean giving alms to the poor, donating to your local charity or generally giving aimlessly. Giving is a good thing but it must originate from God. Giving without God is like trying to ride in a train wagon without its engine; giving that does not originate from God will only lead to misery! Giving is a subject I have written much about in my book series ‘Living In Obedience To God’ and will write more on this topic in the future.

Why A Man Should Desire To Learn How To Please God

When you are desirous of pleasing God, it is God Himself who will avail opportunities for you to please Him. There are many opportunities that God can make available for you to please Him if you are obedient to His word. How can a person learn obedience? I have written a series titled: ‘Obedience To The Holy Spirit’ where I have detailedly explained how a person may start on a journey of revival. What is a revival? It is a time in a person’s life where he comes to God to be awakened by God so that God may start a relationship with him and begin living in him. A relationship with God involves hearing God speak to you about your life and wellbeing. When people wish to hear God speak but do not desire to have a relationship with Him, they are akin to people practicing witchcraft! Such a desire may lead them to engage with demons or cursed spirits that will only deceive and lead them far away from God. Hearing God speak is not possible without faith and love. God is love. He is able to awaken your spirit only if you accept Him to live in you.

Why A Man That Desires To Please God Should Not Doubt

When some people hear that God lives in those who have a relationship with Him, they wonder; “where is He?” God is Spirit and is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent meaning; He is the source of all knowledge including the past and future, He is capable of being everywhere at the same time and His power is infinite! When a person desires to please God, revival is the first step to understanding how to begin to please God. What else is involved in a revival that a person who is ready to please God should expect? A man who is ready for a revival should expect to begin to rid himself of doubt. Doubt is the enemy of faith in all instances! Faith is the most important aspect for a person who is yearning to learn how to please God. What is faith and how does it come? Faith is the ability to believe and trust God even though there is no evidence! It is believing that God is present, listening and able to act on your behalf even though you may not perceive Him with your natural senses. Once a person jumps this hurdle, he has entered into a world of love. Love is what a revival will lead you to.

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