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Children That Are Blessed

How To Find Hope In God For Children

I am a bishop and author of 18 books that dwell on the prophetic, obedience to God, repentance and hope. I am a minister of God and is obligated to teach the good news about the kingdom of God to children. When children are rooted in the foundation of love, they will become stronger in the knowledge of God as they grow to become adults. Why do we need to teach our children and children of different denominational backgrounds about the love of God? It is because they need to make a decision of their own in the future on whether they want to trust God. I made that decision when I was 19 years old. When I look back, I wish I had made that decision earlier! There are so many lessons that God desires to teach children at a tender age. When a tree has grown, it is difficult for it to be bent. When a child is still tender, he can be directed to do what God wants.

Why Parents Should Endeavour To Teach Their Children Godliness

When a child is in an environment where he is able to be guided by a parent, guardian or teacher, he will grow into a much better person as an adult if the authority guiding him is Godly. What does it mean for an adult to be Godly? You see, children are the future of tomorrow, what an adult does in the presence of a child will influence his upbringing. I have most often heard of parents who have handed over their God-given responsibilities to school teachers, nannies, the state or the media to the detriment of their own children’s morals. It is not God’s will that children are modelled to reject God! When parents leave their children to be influenced by the media, they have essentially switched on a time bomb! The children will be modelled to become rebellious towards God. What does it mean for a child to rebel towards God? When a child is rebellious towards authority, he is antagonistic to God! It is God who has given every child parents. If a child does not have parents, he may have a guardian, if he does not have parents or guardians, he is cursed! When I teach about curses, people often think God is angry with us and is ready to punish us at the slightest instance! The subject of curses is a topic that may appear complex but is primarily a matter of principle. God is principle, there are things God will do or not do as a matter of principle. What a child does at a tender age may greatly affect what he will turn out to be in the future. When a child is rebellious towards authority, he cannot be blessed however much his parents are humble, loving or prayerful; authority starts from a home. If a child is rebellious at school, it usually implies that he is equally rebellious at home. Authority does not come from the state, nor does it come from the law but is God-given. When authority is abused, it attracts curses!

How Parents Can Ensure Their Children Are Blessed

What then should we do to ensure that our children are blessed? We should ensure to teach our children the foundations of true love early. Imagine a youth faced with the enticements of this world; he has the media at his finger tips but has not yet matured enough to face the realities of this world. The world is full of enticements that a young mind may not be able to handle without guidance. If we as parents push children to learn about the world from sources other than true love, we only encourage them to acquire curses.

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