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Children That Are Blessed

How Children That Are Blessed Can Live In UnGodly Environments

If a child is in a Godly environment and has a parent that has his God-given authority, he will be able to grow in obedience to the Lord faster than a parent who is not yet obedient to the Lord. Yes, a child who is obedient to the Lord may be able to hear the Lord speak even though his parents are not obedient to the Lord. How can a child who is in a Godly environment but whose parents are not obedient to the Lord continue living in God’s will? The mere fact that a child’s parents are not obedient to the Lord does not mean that they do not have their God-given authority over a child. God-given authority is from God and is to be respected regardless of whether the holder of the authority is Godly or not. For instance if a child who loves the Lord is in a home where the head of the home is a habitual drunkard, it does not mean that the child should despise his father by either refusing to obey or by belittling him. What such a child should do is trust that God will remove him from such an environment if his parent cannot be able to repent to the Lord. When people hear of child abuse, they think that the Lord cannot intervene in such situations. The Lord can intervene and indeed give children authority! Authority when God-given cannot be removed by God but the Lord can give children authority that is far above that of their parents if they are abusive to them.

Why The Lord Will Impart Knowledge Unto A Person In His Will

What type of authority is far and above God-given authority that the Lord may give to children? You see, when a child comes to the Lord, he becomes a child of God and the Lord Himself begins to teach him. If a child is in God’s will, he will begin to command everything that the Lord commanded while on earth. He will be able to rebuke cursed spirits, heal the sick and teach the word of God just as Jesus did. All these acts of faith demand authority from the Lord that parents may not have unless they are able to give themselves to the Lord. How can a parent give himself to the Lord and receive authority from the Lord? When a parent starts to desire the Lord, the Lord will begin to impart knowledge unto him. What type of knowledge does the Lord impart unto people who have given their lives to Him? Knowledge is not just a matter of attending school, being in a conference or church service listening to a teacher, pastor or keynote speaker. True knowledge comes from the Lord. It is the Lord who taught me of my past; what happened three generations ago in my lineage was revealed to me by the Lord. Had I not known what transpired in my lineage over 170 years ago, I would not know how to pray then or what to pray for now.

Why A Child Who is Obedient To God Cannot Lack

When a child who is in an unGodly environment desires to leave such an environment but is subject to a parent who has his God-given authority but who is not abusive to him, he will not be able to leave that environment unless his parent is abusive towards him or mocks God on account of his child’s obedience to the Lord. When a child is obedient to the Lord, there are certain privileges that he will have on account of his obedience. For instance, a child who is obedient to the Lord cannot lack! If he is in an environment where there is lack, God will take care of his needs.

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